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This page serves as a central resource for health and wellness programs.  The programs listed and linked to here are either directly facilitated by Health & Counseling professional staff members, sponsored or co-sponsored by the Health & Counseling department, or address wellness-related topics that are likely to be of interest to students.

wellness series for gold

Several years ago, Health & Counseling bega a series of workshops on various health-related topics as part the GOLD leadership program.  On the GOLD web site, you can find a complete list of all programs in this series, callled Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds (choose "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" from the "Series" search option at left).  We also try to keep the the list below up-to-date, but you will need to register on the GOLD site.


Thanks for attending our programs in 2014-15 - check back with us next fall! :)

other GOLD programs

Additional professional outreach programs offered by Health & Counseling staff members for GOLD are listed below when available.

Safe Zone

The Safe Zone program attempts to increase awareness and acceptance of sexual diversity, while providing a resource network for individuals with questions or concerns related to sexuality.  Safe Zone trainings are held regularly throughout each semester; the full schedule can be found here.