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Healthy Geneseo

Healthy Geneseo - Wellness Happens Here

  • Social Media:
    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for wellness tips, resources, and inspiration!
  • Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Wellness Series:
    Go to GOLD for our series, Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds 
    some programs available virtually through Zoom, Spring 2020
  • Geneseo Healthguards:
    Student Wellness Ambassadors
    The Healthguards are regularly posting videos on Instagram to help with coping while social distancing!
  • Self-Care Sundays w/Healthguards:
    Weekly drop-in de-stress time with tea, art therapy, meditation, and more in the Knight Spot, 2 p.m. 
    temporarily suspended for Spring 2020
  • Noontime Yoga Basics:
    Weekly drop-in yoga class on Thursdays at noon in the Knight Spot; taught by Beth Cholette, PhD/RYT 
    temporarily suspended for Spring 2020 but...
    Check out Beth's YouTube Channel for short yoga and mindfulness-based meditation videos!
  • Wellness in Nature
    Weekly nature walks, Thursdays at noon in the Arboretum (near Onondaga)
    temporarily suspended for Spring 2020
  • Massage Program:
    Thursdays 11 am - 1 pm and Fridays 2 - 4 pm, CU Lobby (near bookstore)
    FREE chair massage for students by licensed massage therapist
    temporarily suspended for Spring 2020
  • Take a Meditation Break:
    Weekly meditation session Mondays 3-3:30 pm led by Yoga Club Instructor Lars Mazzola temporarily suspended for Spring 2020 but...
    Check out Dr. Beth Cholette's YouTube Channel for mindfulness-based meditation videos!
  • Condom/Safer Sex Requests - email Dana Minton,
  • Wellness Spaces Program
    Coming soon!
  • Annual Events/Other Programs:
    • Fall Wellness Expo
    • Spring Fitness Challenge
    • Healthguard DeStress Event
    • Women's Health Event

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