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Faculty & Staff Information

Verification of Student Absence

If you would like information about a student who was absent from your class due to injury or illness, you must first request that the student complete a release form authorizing you to receive this information (this form can be downloaded and printed as a PDF File and is available below). In addition, you must submit a written request for this information; you may do so by e-mailing the Medical Director, Steve Radi. Please be sure that your request includes your name and contact information, the student's name, and the dates of absence.

Authorization to Release Information

Services for Faculty and Staff

While the purpose of Health Services at Geneseo is to meet the health care needs of our students, some services are available on a fee-for-service basis to members of the faculty and staff. In addition to basic first aid, these services include the following:

  • Flu vaccines (for a small fee) when sufficient supplies are available
  • Hepatitis B immunization for Geneseo employees whose jobs require this immunization (free of charge)
  • Consultation and speakers on health-related topics

Periodically we also offer special programs and clinics, such as travel or meningitis immunizations. If there are additional areas of service you would like to see us offer to faculty and staff please let us know--we would be most happy to talk with you about ways in which we can work together. Feel free to call our office at 585-245-5716 or email Medical Director Steve Radi, MD.

Help for Desk Workers

Do you spend much of your day sitting at your desk? Are you concerned about repetitive stress injury or simply fatigue from spending so much time in the same position? Simple stretching exercises can help you to avoid both injury and fatigue. Try this simple stretches to help avoid repetitive stress injury. You might also want to these simple Everyday Yoga exercises, most of which you can do right at your desk.