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Health Services offers basic primary medical care to Geneseo students similar to the services you have received from your primary care provider (PCP) at home. Our mission is to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both while you are at Geneseo and beyond. Our experienced health care professionals are highly qualified to help you achieve your health goals by providing a wide range of primary care services. We hope you will utilize us as an educational resource for any health care concerns you may have.

Medical Home

The Department of Student Health and Counseling (SHC) at SUNY Geneseo has received Accreditation as a Medical Home. A Medical Home is student-centered, comprehensive, team-based, accessible, and quality-focused. Allow us to be part of your health care team. We need your detailed health history, recent physical exam, and immunization records in order to coordinate with your health care providers to offer you the best medical care. Student Health and Counseling, your "Medical Home Away From Home."


As with most outpatient health agencies, the majority of health care services provided by Geneseo's Health Services are by appointment. Students can schedule many types of appointments online by going to myhealth.geneseo.edu. Appointments can be made for a wide variety of health concerns, including diagnostic services, STI/HIV testing, ECP, treatment of UTIs and other infections, plus additional services. Appointments are available in both our main Lauderdale location and in the South Village Health Center (Onondaga). 

Self-Care Center

When you don't have an appointment, you may want to consider using our Self-Care Center. Designed to help you treat basic health care problems on your own, the Self-Care Center has been expanded and made easier to use. The center offers various types of packets on several common health concerns, including colds, minor wound care, and minor pain. Each packet provides you with useful health information, including medicine and/or other treatments to help address your symptoms. Finally, the Center offers condoms (male and female) along with information on STI prevention.

Our Self-Care Center is located on the first floor of Lauderdale, just to the right of the front doors (near the stairs). All items from the Self-Care Centers are available at no additional charge, as long as you have paid your student health fee.

Physical Exams

Health Services performs physical exams for study abroad, employment, and volunteer activities that require physicals. For a small fee, we also provide physicals for Geneseo students who will be entering graduate school at another institution or working a non-Geneseo-related job ($35). Health Services does not provide pre-matriculation physical exams for new students entering Geneseo.

Please be sure to bring any required paperwork with you to your scheduled exam; also be sure to complete your own section of the paperwork prior to the exam. All physical exams are performed on an appointment basis and can be scheduled by calling Health Services at 585-245-5736.

Medications & Immunizations

Health Services clinicians are able to provide students with medications they prescribe during a visit at no additional charge. Please note that Health Services is not a dispensing pharmacy and thus does not fill prescriptions from other providers. For information, visit the Local Pharmacy Information page.

In addition to required vaccinations, Health Services strongly encourages students to receive immunizations for seasonal influenza, bacterial meningitis, and hepatitis B. Immunization – is combined with practicing basic health behaviors such as getting sufficient sleep, eating well, not drinking large amounts of alcohol, and avoiding sharing eating/drinking utensils – can significantly reduce students’ risk of contracting these serious and potentially fatal diseases. Students who have not received these immunizations from their PCPs can get these vaccinations at Health Services. Vaccination for meningitis must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. Other vaccinations are available via Health Services and may also require an additional fee to be paid by the student.

Diagnostic Services

Health Services has an in-house laboratory to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of some of the more common illnesses. Many types of testing are included as part of your student health fee. More extensive blood and other laboratory tests are available through outside labs; some testing requires an additional fee to be paid by the student (either by charging the student account or through the use of your private health insurance).

The Student Health and Counseling department also offers HIV antibody testing. Pre-test counseling is an integral part of the process. To schedule an appointment to be tested, call 585-245-5736. Additional fees may apply depending on the testing/services ordered by your health care provider.

Travel Medicine

In support of the Geneseo Study Abroad office, Health Services provides Travel Medicine clinical services to students via our Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN). For a fee, students may obtain immunizations, including Hepatitis A and B vaccines, Td, and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis). Oral Typhoid Vaccine may also be provided by prescription only. Please note that immunizations are administered following the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control on Traveler's Health. Similarly, health providers follow CDC guidelines to provide students with information on travel risks, offer education about risk reduction, and to recommend prescriptions for medications that prevent malaria and travel-related diarrhea (as warranted by destination risk). In cases where Health Services may be unable to administer a specific vaccine (e.g., for yellow fever and rabies), students will be referred to Passport Health in Rochester, 585-275-8884.

Nurse Advice Line

Our Nurse Advice Line provides consultation with a registered nurse during night and weekend hours when Health Services is closed. During evening and weekend hours, students can reach the Nurse Advice Line simply by calling the main number for either Health Services, 585-245-5736, or Counseling Services, 585-245-5716. Callers will be given instructions to stay on the line in order to connect directly with Fone Med. Should you experience any problems with the forwarding service, you can also call Fone Med directly at 877-861-5005. Like any call to Health Services, there is no charge for utilizing the Nurse Advice Line. This service is available only to SUNY Geneseo students.

For more information on the Nurse Advice Line, see the related section on the Crisis & Emergency Resources page.

Advanced Directives

New York State residents have the right to appoint a health care agent with a Health Care Proxy Form and the right to state one’s desires concerning life-sustaining treatment with advance directives. Please discuss this matter with those close to you and with your doctor.


We provide referrals as needed to area specialists. If you are looking for a referral to a dentist, oral surgeon, or ophthalmologist/optometrist, visit our Referrals page.


Health Services professional staff members are available to do outreach programs on a variety of health topics.

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