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First-Year Health

Welcome to the Health & Counseling website!  By this point, you should have already completed your Health Requirements for Incoming Students.  We hope that you will now take the time to browse through our website and learn more about what we have to offer through our three practice areas, Health Services, Counseling Services, and Health Promotion.

When you visit Lauderdale for the first time, consider taking advantage of our Self-Care Center, which is designed to help you treat basic health care problems on your own.  If you are ill, the Self-Care Center may be a useful first step in your treatment; it is located on the first floor of Lauderdale. 

Also check out this nice article on Going to College and Staying Healthy (from the Center for Young Women's Health, but applicable to men as well) for more information on what to know about your health before you leave for college, suggestions on first aid supplies to bring, and helpful information about when to seek care from your student Health Services. 

Keep reading for additional information that you may find useful concerning your health care needs here at Geneseo.

Health Fee v. Health Insurance

All students have been assessed a mandatory health fee at registration. The health fee covers operational expenses and includes visits with health care providers, as well as health education services. A voluntary fee covers any medications stocked at Health Services, in-house laboratory work, and supplies such as dressings, ace bandages, etc. For more information about the health fee, go to our Student Health Fee page.

All students are advised to have health insurance. You should check to be sure that your insurance provides "out of area" coverage. Be sure to bring your insurance card to school with you, as well as some basic information about what your insurance plan covers. For more information about insurance, visit our Insurance Information page. 

Immunization Information

Part of the medical form completed by your primary care provider is the Immunization Record. New York State public health law mandates that all students show proof of immunizations against measles, mumps, and rubella in order to enroll in college. Exemptions for medical and religious reasons are allowed (under specific circumstances) under the law – students should seek additional information at Health Services. By law, failure to comply with this requirement could lead to students being administratively removed from College during the semester.

While we do not currently include bacterial meningitis or hepatitis B in the required immunizations, we strongly encourage students to also receive these immunizations. Immunization – combined with practicing basic health behaviors such as getting sufficient sleep, eating well, not drinking large amounts of alcohol and avoiding sharing eating/drinking utensils – can significantly reduce students’ risk of contracting these serious and potentially fatal diseases. Students who have not received these immunizations from their PCPs can get these vaccinations at Health Services. 

Mental Health Information

Please visit the Counseling Services area of our website for more information. If you have experienced emotional issues in the past and are wondering how we can help while you are at college, check out Counseling Services Our Services page. We also offer these guidelines for assistance or check out or our page on the Transition to College.

Do you take a medication commonly used to treat AD/HD (e.g., Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Strattera)?  If so, please be aware that, consistent with standards in college student health, Health & Counseling does NOT prescribe these medications. Please visit our Psychiatric Services page for more information.  

Additional Information

To access the other areas of Health & Counseling, including Counseling Services, Sexual Health, and Health Promotion, use the menus at left. You may also want to keep update-to-date on any news, changes, or announcements in our department by following us on Facebook!