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Self-Help & Self-Care

For additional self-care tools as well as pandemic-specific resources, visit Coping with College.

Online Screening Program

Behavioral health – which includes mental health, substance use, and more – is a key part of your overall well-being. Brief screenings are quick, anonymous, and free.  They provide information and next steps.

How are you feeling today?
Take a Screening

For more information on Anxiety & Stress, Depression & Suicide, Eating Disorders, Alcohol & Drugs, and other topics, visit our Common Mental Health Issues page.  This page also includes tips on Helping a Friend.

If you are feeling like everything is awful and you are not okay, try asking yourself these questions before doing anything else.

Healthy Geneseo

Healthy Geneseo, "Wellness Happens Here," is Geneseo's wellness campaign and is run by the Health Promotion office.  The Healthy Geneseo page includes a wealth of self-care options and programming.

Mind-Body Options

  • Take a Mindful Minute - this graphic offers 4 different options for taking a brief moment to feel calmer, more grounded, and better able to focus
  • Coping with College - page devoted to specific coping resources, including care packages, mind-body options, and pandemic-specific resources
  • Dr. Beth's Mindfulness and Yoga for All -  Dr. Beth Cholette (Assistant Director of Counseling Services) is both a psychologist and a yoga teacher who offers many resources, including accessible yoga and mindfulness practices on her YouTube channel
  • The Grounding Toolkit - an 18-page resource for students focused on physical grounding, mental grounding, and soothing grounding techniques

Wellness in Nature

Nature heals!  Read about Geneseo green spaces and other ideas for getting outdoors.  Also check out our Things to Do in Western NY page, which focuses largely on outdoor/nature activities.

Health & Wellness Apps

We have vetted a listing of free apps that may be helpful to students. The options include stress trackers, breathing tools, guided meditations, sleep helpers, and more.  If you have/are thinking about trying another app, take a look at PsyberGuide, which offers professional reviews of mental health apps.

Journal Writing

Journal writing can be a valuable means of  self-care or self-exploration. Your writing can take many different forms, such as lists, random thoughts, and single-sentences daily reflections.  You might also find it helpful to write "never to be sent" messages, expressing your strong feels to others in an indirect way.

If you are interested in journal writing, the following web sites may also be helpful:

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Model

  • Routines are helpful. Continue to get up, to get dressed, to attend classes and other activities. Having structure can keep emotions from becoming overwhelming.
  • Eat regular, nutrition-dense meals. Missing meals or overeating can contribute to stress and depression.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours per night. Ideally, try to go to bed/get up at roughly the same times every day, and try to avoid naps, which will interfere with your nighttime sleep.
  • Play time is important! If you aren’t doing things that you enjoy, be sure to make time for these activities.
  • Exercise can help you to feel better. Even adding a short (20-30 mins.) daily walk to your schedule can help.
  • Connect with someone who is supportive. Social support can go a long way towards making you feel better, whereas isolating yourself is generally not helpful. In addition to talking to close friends and family members, consider letting your professors/others on campus know what is going on as well.
  • Text Crisis Text Line 24/7 by texting HOME to 741-741. Crisis Text Line is available for a crisis or to provide supportive problem-solving. A live, trained Crisis Counselor will receive your message and respond.

Additional Resources


You can learn skills to help a friend (or yourself) by using Kognito, a free interactive online program available to Geneseo students.  Kognito allows you to practice conversations in a virtual setting to improve your helping skills. The Kognito page will direct you towards creating an free account to access.

Geneseo Pathways

Geneseo Pathways is a peer advocacy support program.  Peer advocates are student volunteers who successfully completed intensive training in helping skills.  This confidential service is available 8 pm - 8 am Sundays-Thursdays when classes in session; use the link above or call 585-237-8860.

More Information

You can learn more about general mental health issues on our Common Mental Health Concerns page. For information about available behavioral health services, review Our Services for more about what we do on campus or take a look at our list of Off-Campus Referral Resources.