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Sexual Assault: Focus on Education (SAFE)

Sexual Assault Resources for Geneseo Students

SUNY Geneseo Policies

Sexual Violence Response Policy

Options for Confidentiality Disclosing Sexual Violence

Students' Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Bill of Rights

SUNY Sexual Assault & Violence Response (SAVR) Resources

For more information on your rights, visit the Title IX Webpage.

    Additional Resources


    • Recovering from Rape (2nd Ed.), Linda E. Ledray (1994). 
    • If You are Raped: What Every Woman Needs to Know (Abridged 2nd Ed.), Kathryn M. Johnson (1984, 1993).
    • If She is Raped: A Guidebook for Husbands, Partners, and Male Friends (Abridged 2nd Ed.), Alan W. McEvoy & Jeff B. Brookings (1991). 
    • If He is Raped: A Guidebook for Parents, Partners, Spouses, and Friends, Alan McEvoy (Abridged Ed.), Debbie Rollo, & Jeff Brookings (1998).