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Stressbusters sesions are designed to help provide students with tools to manage stress, anxiety, academic problems, and related issues.  If you are struggling in ANY of these areas, we have a specialty session that can help!


Stressbusters schedule

Stressbusters sessions are now being offered as part of a special series of GOLD program workshops called "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds."  Please check the GOLD web site the complete schedule or visit our Current Programs page for more information.

descriptions of sessions

Increasing Academic Efficiency, Study Skills
This session focuses on learning styles and study skills.  You will learn skills for managing time and ways to increase your motivation.

Building Your Stress Toolbox: 10 Techniques for Managing Stress
In this interactive session, you will identify a variety of strategies, or "tools," for managing stress.  These will include cognitive strategies, breathing techniques, relaxation skills, and more.

Coping with Stress: Tools for Living in the Present
The session will focus on developing an understanding of common mind-body techniques for reducing worrying and stress. The session particularly covers progressive muscle relaxation, and students will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation.

This is an experiential session designed to introduce students to the relaxation technique of self-hypnosis.  Along with some of the techniques used to facilitate deep relaxation and resources to help them develop their own self-hypnosis regiment, myths regarding hypnosis will be dispelled.

Just Breathe!
Inhale and Exhale--learn helpful stress reduction breathing techniques that you can use in everyday life. We will also be exploring therapeutic pressure points on the body that can be used to release tension. Take an hour for yourself to come and explore, relax, and de-stress.

Mind Over Mood:  Change Your Thoughts to Decrease Stress!
This session will help you to recognize common thought patterns which serve to worsen stress as well as to increase anxiety.  Using an example from your own recent experience, you will practice to both recognizing and disputing your negative thoughts.

Express Yourself:  Stress Management Through Creative Arts
This session teaches students to meditate and decompress by focusing on a simple art project. The origins of mandalas will be discussed and how they can be used for meditation. Students can choose to participate with various media, including paints, play-doh, sand, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Increasing Academic Efficiency, Test-Taking
This session focuses on improving memory and how to study for different types of exams. You will practice specific memory strategies as well as learn various ways to manage test anxiety.

Breathing and Meditation: Simple Techniques for Relaxation
"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.
" - Buddha

In this session, you will practice relaxing your body and mind through simple tools such as special breathing techniques and mantra meditation.

Stress Management
Explore and practice the basic techniques of stress management and alternative therapies for coping with your stress. Guided imagery, breathing exercises, and progressive relaxation are all included, so DRESS COMFORTABLY, and be ready to de-compress for a little while.

More information

Looking for more information on stress?  Be sure to visit our Hot Topics! page on College Students & Stress; you might also find it helpful to take a look a our information on Common Mental Health Issues.  Finally, stay updated on programs being offered by the Health & Counseling department by visiting our Current Programs page.


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