Study Abroad

Did you answer YES to any of the pre-trip planning medical questions in your admission packet?  Consider consulting with our medical staff BEFORE and AFTER your experience.
Registered SUNY Geneseo students may utilize services to obtain updated immunizations, at a cheaper cost than what you might pay using other services.  

Immunizations available:

  •             Flu (seasonal, supplies are limited)
  •             Hepatitis A
  •             Hepatitis B
  •             Tetanus

You may require other immunizations or medications that our clinicians are able to provide prescriptions, you can fill at a local pharmacy. 

After you return, you should notify a medical provider if you have symptoms that started during or shortly after your travel.  If you traveled to a high risk area for tuberculosis (TB), it is to your advantage to have TB testing.  This is provided in the CCRN office (minimal fees may apply).

Health Insurance


Is available for exchange and study abroad students.  Details are pending due to recent changes.

Incoming students will have orientation on campus.  At that time, you will receive your insurance information.