Study Abroad

Did you answer YES to any of the pre-trip planning medical questions in your admission packet?  Consider consulting with our medical staff BEFORE and AFTER your experience.

In support of the Geneseo Study Abroad office, Health Services provides Travel Medicine clinical services to students via our Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN). Students may obtain immunizations, including Hepatitis A and B vaccines, Td, and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis). Oral Typhoid Vaccine may also be provided by prescription only.

  • Please note that immunizations are administered following the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control on Traveler's Health. Similarly, health providers follow CDC guidelines to provide students with information on travel risks, offer education about risk reduction, and recommend prescriptions for medications that prevent malaria and travel-related diarrhea (as warranted by destination risk). 

You may require other immunizations or medications. Our health care providers are able to provide prescriptions that you can have filled at a local pharmacy. 

After you return, you should notify a medical provider if you have symptoms that started during or shortly after your travel.  If you traveled to a high-risk area for tuberculosis (TB), it is to your advantage to have TB testing.  This is provided in the CCRN office (minimal fees may apply).

Health Insurance


Is available for study abroad students.  United Health Care holds the current policy.

Contact the Study Abroad Office directly for enrollment details.