What to Expect from Counseling

The Initial Appointment

Please call or stop by Counseling Services in Lauderdale to schedule your first appointment. Initial appointments are conducted by one of our two Clinical Case Managers/Crisis Counselors and are often available same day or scheduled at your convenience. If you schedule an appointment in advance, please be sure that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete required paperwork.  The Case Manager will then be able to meet with you promptly for your appointment.

This initial session is a triage-type assessment.  You and the Case Manager will explore your concerns and decide together on one of several possible course of action.  Here are some of the possible outcomes of your initial appointment:

  • You and the Case Manager might engage in problem-solving around your presenting concerns.  The Case Manager might help you develop a plan for how to address your problem; this might include recommending resources such free wellness apps or a workshop in our GOLD series, "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds." In this case, a single appointment might be sufficient to address your concerns.

  • You and the Case Manager might decide that treatment on a more ongoing basis would be appropriate.  In this event, the Case Manager would schedule you for an Intake appointment, which would involve a more complete assessment of your concerns by one of our professional counselors.  Following the Intake, you and your assigned counselor would have the option of meeting for ongoing short-term therapy, usually on a biweekly basis (every two weeks), sometimes less frequently.

  • The Case Manager may help you to explore alternate treatment options which seem like a good fit for your presenting concerns, such as participating in one of our therapy support groups.

  • You and the Case Manager might discuss the option of medication treatment with a referral to our part-time psychiatric provider.  Should this occur, your Case Manager would first refer you for an Intake assessment with one of our professional counselors (see above).  Students may also wish to pursue psychiatric services at home/off-campus if this is an option.

  • Finally, based on your presenting issues, the Case Manager might recommend that an off-campus referral would be the best fit, especially if you require services which we do not provide through our office (such as testing and medications for AD/HD, alcohol/substance abuse treatment, intensive eating disorders treatment, and weekly/longer-term therapy) or for areas where our own resources are limited.