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Year 2009-2010 in Review


The year 2009-2010 was probably the busiest in the history of the Club.  From the very start of the year, a highly motivated Club Executive Board and Membership began to plan and participate in a wide number of events and programs.  Some of the year's highlights included trips to the Genesee Country Museum, a Registrar led tour the the Rochester Museum and Science Center, grant funded volunteer work at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Musuem, a 42 person trip to the United Nations and History Channel Headquaters in NYC, a Faculty Graduate School application process panel presentation, a faculty lecture, peer academic advisement events, and weekly discussion meetings.  At the end of the year, the Club was recognized for its volunteer service and commitment to student life with the President's Award for Outstanding Campus Organizations.


2009-2010 History Club Executive Board

President: Amy Breimaier

Vice President: Melissa Gradel

AAC Representative: Katie Deierlien

Treasurer: Sara Burdette

Public Relations: Jenna Frebrizo

Secretary: Mike Terreri



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