R.A. Applicants and Housing Selection


So you applied to be an R.A. for 2014 - 2015.  Now, your only problem is that you are unsure about how to proceed with Housing Selection.  Should you plan to live in a suite with your friends, knowing that you might be offered an R.A. position?  And what happens to the rest of your suite group if you are hired?  The following information should address your concerns about arranging campus housing for next year while participating in the R.A. application process.


Q:  When will I know about the R.A. position?  When is the housing application deadline?

A:  If you participated in interviews and Group Process Day, you will be notified about whether or not you are offered an R.A. position by Thursday, March 13.  The housing deposit deadline is Friday, March 28, and the Residential License Agreement Form (RLAF) deadline is Wednesday, April 2.


Q:  If I really want to be an R.A. next year, should I even plan to live in a suite with my friends?

A:  This is your decision, but we recommend arranging to live with your friends even if you are serious about being an R.A.  We always need qualified R.A.s, but our application process is competitive, and not all qualified candidates can be hired.  This way, if we are unable to offer you an R.A. position, you will still be content with your housing arrangements for next year. 


Q:  Will the rest of my suite group be penalized if I accept the R.A. position?

A:  No.  Since the Symplicity Residence software system will use the average of the priority numbers of your group members to determine your Housing Selection time, your group will not necessarily be forced to choose their suite later as a result of your departure from the group.  Your suitemates should understand, however, that another student will likely be placed in the suite instead of you during the summer.

Your suitemates will be permitted to invite another student to replace you in the suite, as long as this student is not already a member of another approved suite group. 


Q:  I accepted an R.A. position for next year.  I paid my housing deposit, not knowing about whether I would be hired as an R.A.  Can my deposit be refunded?

A:  Yes.  Since all R.A.s are fully compensated for their housing cost, it is unnecessary for R.A.s to pay housing deposits.  To initiate the housing deposit refund process, complete our online Housing Deposit Refund Request Form before May 1.