Gender-Neutral Housing -- Genesee Hall


Note:  This web page -- and all other Housing Selection 2014 web pages -- are designed for students who are already taking classes at SUNY Geneseo.  If you are an incoming student looking for information about residence hall housing, kindly refer to the written correspondence which you received from the Admissions Office.



GNH applicationsFriday, February 21, 2014 (extended to 4:00pm on Wednesday, February 26)


The process of choosing a gender-neutral suite is different from our general Housing Selection process.  If you wish to live in Gender-Neutral Housing for 2014 - 2015, this information should help you to navigate the process with as little stress as possible.


What is Gender-Neutral Housing?

Since the Fall 2009 semester, we have been proud to offer a gender-neutral housing option in Genesee Hall for students who might benefit from living in this environment.  Gender-Neutral Housing allows for students to live with each other regardless of how they identify with respect to gender.  This means that, for example, male students can live with female students -- either in the same bedroom or within the same suite.

We believe that Gender-Neutral Housing provides a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, not just for those who are questioning their gender identity or who are transgender, but for all students.


Who is eligible for Gender-Neutral Housing?

Any student is welcome to participate in the Gender-Neutral Housing Selection process, but, in order to be eligible, you and your friends must:  1. complete supplemental Gender-Neutral Housing applications; and 2. completely fill either a 6-person or 8-person suite in Genesee Hall.  This means that only 6-person and 8-person roommate groups will be able to choose suites in Genesee Hall through the Gender-Neutral Housing Selection process.


How can I access a Gender-Neutral Housing application?

Normally, you would be granted access to your general housing application (i.e., your Residential License Agreement Form) after you pay your housing deposit.  Then, within 2 business days after you submit, you could access supplemental housing applications from your Symplicity Residence home screens, such as the Gender-Neutral Housing application.

Since Gender-Neutral Housing applications are due before the housing deposit deadline of Friday, March 28, however, you can use this Supplemental Application Request Form to ask for access to the Gender-Neutral Housing application prior to Friday, February 21.  This will be helpful if you plan to wait until after Friday, February 21 to pay your housing deposit.


How can I form a mixed-gender roommate group in Symplicity Residence?

Although we certainly permit mixed-gender groups for Gender-Neutral Housing, the Symplicity Residence software will not allow students to form their own mixed-gender roommate groups.  Instead, we ask you to send the full names, G-Numbers, Geneseo e-mail addresses, and Symplicity Residence passcodes of all of your group members to us at  We will then create your roommate group in the software.


What if I want to apply for Gender-Neutral Housing by myself, without a roommate group?  Is this possible?

Maybe.  In the event that you are unable to join or form a roommate group for Gender-Neutral Housing, you might be able to choose a vacant space in a Genesee Hall R.A. suite.  You could consider talking to the R.A.s in your community, too -- they might know about other students who are trying to form roommate groups.  In addition, you can telephone the Residence Life Office at (585) 245-5726 and ask to schedule an appointment with Kevin Hahn, Associate Director of Residence Life.