Step 2:  Complete Your Housing Application

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Note:  This web page -- and all other Housing Selection 2015 web pages -- are designed for students who are already taking classes at SUNY Geneseo.  If you are an incoming student looking for information about residence hall housing, kindly refer to the written correspondence which you received from the Admissions Office.



Getting Started:

Within 3 business days of paying your housing deposit, your Residential License Agreement Form (RLAF) will be available to you through the Symplicity Residence software.  On your Symplicity Residence home screen, you will notice a green box which reads "Get Started" with your housing application, as shown in the image below.


housing application -- getting started.


After you click the "Get Started" link, your RLAF will appear.  As illustrated in the following screenshot, the RLAF is divided into 5 sections:  (i) Personal Information; (ii) Who are you hoping to live with?; (iii) Where are you hoping to live?; (iv) Additional Information; and (v) Consenting to Residential License.


housing application -- menu.


section 1:  Personal Information

You should not need to provide much information in this section, though you can share your cell. phone number and describe your gender identity to us, provided that you feel comfortable in sharing this information.


section 2:  Who are you hoping to live with?

This is a roommate matching questionnaire.  You must complete this matching profile, even if you already know who you plan to live with.  Sometimes, students leave residence halls during the school year, whether to study abroad, to graduate early, or for other reasons.  These completed profiles will allow us to match you with a compatible roommate, should your original roommate leave.


section 3:  Where are you hoping to live?

This section prompts you to think about the type or style of housing which you would most prefer.  Selecting any or all of these options will not guarantee you your preferred housing for next year.  We are simply curious about which housing styles are most popular amongst Geneseo students.  Your responses to these questions might help us to either provide more opportunites for desirable housing (e.g., single rooms) in the future or eliminate housing options which are no longer wanted.

You will also be asked to indicate whether or not you qualify for medical housing accommodations.  If you feel that you warrant special housing consideration due to a medical condition, you must contact Dr. Tabitha Buggie-Hunt (, Assistant Dean for Disability Services, by the RLAF deadline.


section 4:  Additional Information

You can use the text box in this section to supply any other information which you want us to know prior to choosing your housing.  Some students disclose medical conditions in this section, but this is certainly not required.


section 5:  Consenting to Residential License

Before submitting your RLAF, you should review the SUNY Geneseo Residential License.  The Residential License describes important policies and conditions for living in our residence halls.  It also specifies that, by consenting to its terms, you agree to live in the residence halls for the entire 2015 - 2016 school year.  This means that you will not simply be allowed to choose to live off-campus during the Spring 2016 semester.



Submitting Your Application | Saving Application as Draft:

The Symplicity Residence software allows you to save your application as a draft, which is convenient.  But applications which are saved as drafts are not officially submitted.  Therefore, you must remember to submit your application officially by the deadline.  (Click the "Submit Application" button.)  Otherwise, you and your roommate and/or suitemates will not be able to choose your living space during the Housing Selection process.



Supplemental Applications | Special Housing Options:

If you are interested in any special housing options for 2015 - 2016, such as EcoHouse, Writers House, Gender-Neutral Housing, or Substance-Free Housing, you might need to complete a supplemental housing application, too.

All supplemental applications should be available to you in the Symplicity Residence software after you complete your RLAF.  In the event that you are not interested in any special housing options, you can just ignore these supplemental applications.





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