Saratoga Terrace Townhouse Application Instructions

If you and your friends want to live in a townhouse for the 2014 - 2015 school year, simply follow these directions.

1.  pay your housing deposit by Friday, November 1.

The online Student Account Center will be ready to accept your townhouse deposit payment as of Monday, October 14.  All members of your townhouse group must pay their housing deposits by the deadline.  If you need help in paying your housing deposit, visit our Housing Deposit Payment Instructions web page.

2.  complete your 2014 - 2015 Residential License Agreement Form by Monday, November 4.

The Residential License Agreement Form (RLAF) is our version of a housing application for returning students.  In your RLAF, you can specify your preferred housing, including style (corridor, suite, or townhouse) as well as special living options (Gender-Neutral Housing, EcoHouse, Writers House, Substance-Free Housing, International Student Housing, or Foreign Language Housing). 

Remember that you will not be guaranteed your preferred housing, nor will you be guaranteed housing in a certain location, such as the North or Central Village.  The order in which groups and individual students select their housing is determined by seniority; feel free to consult our Approved Groups and Selection Order web page for additional information.

Within 2 days after you pay your housing deposit, your RLAF will be available for you to complete in the Symplicity Residence software.

3.  form your townhouse group in the Symplicity Residence software by Monday, November 4.

In order to be eligible for a townhouse, you must apply as either a 4-person or 5-person group.  This means that you will not be permitted to apply for a townhouse as an individual student.  You -- or another member of your group -- should establish your 4-person or 5-person townhouse group in the Symplicity Residence software

In order to view the screen depicted below, navigate your Symplicity Residence menu as follows:  click on Roommate Matching, then click on Group

Roommate Group screenshot.

In the Roommates field of this screen, you can type the passcode of your group member.  (Dummy Student-15's passcode is serfan798, as illustrated in the upper-right corner of the screenshot.)  You -- or the leader of your group -- will need to ask all other group members for their unique passcodes.  When you enter a correct passcode, your friend's name should appear in the box below the Roommates field.  You should repeat this process until all group members are added, then click the Save button.

Note:  Only 1 group member needs to form the group in the Symplicity Residence software.  It is unnecessary for all group members to form roommate groups in this way.

4.  wait until Monday, November 11, when you will be notified about whether or not your group earned a townhouse for 2014 - 2015.

These notifications will be sent to your Geneseo e-mail address.