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Employee Training and Resources

The purpose of annual training is to ensure that all College employees: 

  • Are familiar with the College's policy and manageable
  • Know how to identify, respond to, and report workplace violence 
  • Understand identified risk factors as identified in the Workplace Violence Prevention Program
  • Identify specific methods for dealing with potential violence in the workplace (risk factors and behaviors.)

Workplace Violence Prevention Training-Online Course

Employees need to complete the annual training program for Workplace Violence Prevention which is available through myCourses. In accordance with the College's Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and New York State Law, employees at Geneseo need to complete training on an annual basis.  The program provides a short 10 minute video, policy review, and a short 10 question quiz.  The entire program will take no more than 20 - 30 minutes to complete.   A certificate of completion should be printed and forwarded to Human Resources, 219 Erwin Hall.  Please provide the certificate to your supervisor. 

Instructions for Accessing the Course:

To take the course visit

  1. Login with your Geneseo username and password.  The user name and password is your Geneseo user name and password - same as the one you use for myGeneseo and your email
  2. Select "Find a Course" (It's located right under the word Courses, the area that lists your courses)
  3. In the Keyword Search box type Workplace Violence Prevention
  4. When the course shows up in the list, select enroll
  5. Return to the home page by selecting Home
  6. The Workplace Violence Prevention Course should be listed among your courses
  7. Select the course and follow the steps

Employees must achieve a 100% on the quiz to receive their certificate of completion. The quiz can be taken as many times as needed. You will need to re-certify by taking this course annually.

If you don't have a myCourses username, email and request a username.

Thank you for your time and attention on this very important program. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I can be contacted at x5616 or

Assistance Available 

Any questions or need for additional information relating to this policy can be directed to the Human Resource Office (585-245-5616) or the University Police Department (585-245-5651).

  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP): or call (585) 245-5740
  • NYS Balance is a service to help state employees and their families who are facing a problem in their lives.
  • Crisis counseling may also be an appropriate intervention after a workplace violence incident. Human Resources will arrange for counseling when appropriate.