Other Campus Services and Programs

Campus Services and Programs

SUNY Geneseo Workout Center

The Workout Center is a comprehensive fitness facility featuring top of the line exercise equipment. The Center is located on the lower level of the Merritt Athletic Center next to the ice arena and is open to SUNY Geneseo students, faculty and staff ONLY. The Workout Center offers a great opportunity for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Facility equipment includes two complete 15 station Nautilus circuits, seven Stairmasters, eight elliptical machines, seven electronic bikes, eight Stairmaster Treadmills and extensive free weights. The center offers aerobics classes throughout the semester. Check posted schedules or call the Sports Hotline for the latest information at (585) 245-5350.

Sports & Recreation


There are many fun and exciting college sports games open to community viewing at the college during different times of the year. You can enjoy a basketball, cross country, equestrian, field hockey, tennis, track, or volleyball game right here on campus. The Merritt Athletic Center also offers recreational swimming and ice skating.

Health Services

While the purpose of Health Services at Geneseo is to meet the health care needs of students, some services are available on a fee-for-service basis to members of the faculty and staff. In addition to basic first aid, these services include the following:

  • Flu vaccines (for a small fee), when sufficient supplies are available
  • Hepatitis B immunization for Geneseo employees whose jobs require this immunization (free of charge)
  • Consultation and speakers on health-related topics

Periodically special programs and clinics are also offered, such as travel or meningitis immunizations. If there are additional areas of service you would like to see offered to faculty and staff please let Health Services know.

Geneseo Public Bus Service

This shuttle is free with College ID and operates daily on campus and throughout the local area. Weekend runs to Rochester include stops at transportation hubs, University of Rochester, RIT, some malls, and nightspots. Access schedules online at https://www.geneseo.edu/pts/bus-schedule. For further information visit Blake C 205, or call (585)245-5123.

Dining Services

Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) provides campus dining services, a bookstore, ID services, vending, a full service restaurant, and a convenience store for the college campus. They also provide on-campus and off-campus catering to the college. Faculty and staff are eligible to receive 20% extra when they deposit $25 or more into the CASH Account either in person at the CAS business office located in Blake A, Room 108, or online through the Online Card Office. These accounts can be used at any CAS operation, including Big Tree Inn, Sundance Books, and vending, as well as a variety of off campus restaurants and businesses. More information is available at http://cas.geneseo.edu.

 Also operated through Campus Auxiliary Services is Big Tree Inn, located on Main Street. All SUNY Geneseo employees are invited to enjoy fine food and are eligible to use their CASH Accounts at the Big Tree Inn. All SUNY Geneseo employees can also receive a corporate discount when reserving one of the newly remodeled bedroom suites. Additional information is available at www.bigtreeinn.com or call (585) 243-5220.

Milne Library

The College Libraries house books, periodicals, audio and video recordings, maps, and CD-ROMS in a variety of subject areas. They also offer information delivery services, information technology services, a teacher education resource center, and over 100 computers to provide access to online resources and a variety of applications.

 Also located just inside the front doors of Milne Library is Books and Bites Café. The café houses many daily and weekly newspapers as well as the latest issue of many popular periodicals. Along with the printed news you can catch the very latest news on the television that is tuned to closed-captioned CNN. Employees may use their SUNY Geneseo ID card to purchase food and beverages in the café. Books & Bytes is operated by Campus Auxiliary Services

SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union

Membership in the SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union is available to all employees. The credit union offers a variety of services, including share/savings accounts, free share draft checking accounts, online teller and bill payer, Christmas clubs, vacation clubs, direct deposit and loans. For more information, contact (585) 245-5700, or visit:  www.geneseo.edu/sgfcu.

There are two ATM locations on campus. The SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union ATM  has two locations one inside Milne Library and in Letchworth Dining Hall Additionally an ATM is available on Bank Street just outside of campus limits.

Teaching and Learning Center

The mission of the Teaching and Learning Center is to reinforce the importance of teaching excellence as a fundamental responsibility of a public university. Through collaboration with faculty and administration, the Center supports a learning culture that values and rewards teaching. For more information visit the Center in Milne Library 214, call (585) 245-5336, or visit online at http://tlc.geneseo.edu. 


The Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) offers employee accounts that give you access to email, web server space, network shared storage, file server space, and printing services. User accounts remain active for as long as you are an employee at Geneseo. For more information you can go to https://www.geneseo.edu/cit or call (585) 245-5577.  CIT also offers a voluntary wireless notebook program. This program provides students, faculty, and staff with a high-performance wireless notebook computer at a discounted price. 

CIT Telephone Services

CIT Telephone Services is dedicated to providing quality service to its customer base. CIT Telephone Services provides high-grade voice communications to all students, employees, support groups and off-campus constituencies. For more information, please visit:  https://www.geneseo.edu/cit/telephone

Duplicating Center

The Duplicating Center at Geneseo is pleased to provide the SUNY Geneseo community with a wide range of duplicating services. The core mission of the Duplicating Center is providing the SUNY Geneseo campus with high quality, low cost printing services--including graphic design, xerographic and full color copying, and finishing services such as stapling, booklet making, cutting and folding. The Center utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and a talented staff who are able to utilize a whole range of many of the industry-standard software programs. When you need high quality printing services with a fast turn-around time, please consider the Duplicating Center at Geneseo.

Duplicating jobs may be submitted to the Center in electronic or hard copy format. Electronic files may be sent via e-mail on the Geneseo network. Contact the Duplicating Center staff at (585) 245-5636 for more information about how to submit your jobs electronically. Please note that all jobs, regardless of their format, must be accompanied by a Duplicating Center Requisition. Requisitions are available in hard copy (in the Duplicating Center) or electronic format (please visit the Forms page at http://duplicating.geneseo.edu for a PDF version of the Requisition Form).

Gold Leadership Program

Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Program (GOLD) seeks to prepare individuals for leadership roles and responsibilities in service to the college and community. Their mission is accomplished through education, development and training in an extensive series of individual workshops, institutes, and activities in GOLD Leadership Certification Program. For additional information visit http://gold.geneseo.edu, call (585) 245-5884, or visit the office located at College Union 114.

Limelight and Accents Performing Arts Series

Limelight and Accents Performing Arts Series is intended to bring students and community members together to explore the performing arts. It provides an opportunity to experience professional music, dance, and theatre in the Brodie Performing Arts building. Additional information is available at College Union 313, by calling (585) 245-5876, or by going online at http://actcomm.geneseo.edu.

Work-Life Services

Work-Life Services provides NYS employees with programs and resources such as the Employee Assistance Program, NYS-Balance, Pre-Retirement Planning, Flex Spending Account, NYS-Ride, and Worksite Child Care Centers. Additional information on these programs and resources can be found at https://goer.ny.gov/work-life-services