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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment Walk-through: Employer must perform a risk assessment of its workplace

Workplace Risk Evaluation Process

Methodology:  the risk evaluation was performed using the following elements

Analysis of the Form SH-900 Employee Accident and Injury Reports using three-year trend review. 

  • Analysis of University Police Records that indicate past incidents or patterns that occurred in the workplace related to workplace violence.
  • Employee Survey was developed and administered in late spring of 2009. It was designed to help identify areas of potential risk for workplace violence at SUNY Geneseo.  The survey data also provides information about employees' general perceptions regarding workplace violence.  There was a 33% response rate to the survey.
  • Physical Workplace Evaluation:  used the standard Workplace Violence Security Checklist developed by the NYS Department of Labor to evaluate the campus facilities.  The results from the employee survey were also used to pinpoint specific issues with buildings on campus.
  • Personal Safety Committee (PSC) Annual Report:  The Committee reviewed three-years of annual reports submitted by the Personal Safety Committee.  The PSC is responsible for conducting annual assessment of risk factors regarding safety concerns of the campus exterior
  • Cash procedures survey was conducted by the Associate Vice President for Administration and Controller to identify areas on campus dealing with cash transactions.  The results of the survey were shared with the Workplace Violence Prevention Committee.
  • Parking Committee Report: was reviewed by the WVPT to identify possible issues with parking lot facilities.
  • Physical Workspace Survey:  completed by department heads campus-wide to identify potential risks with the physical work space where staff perform their duties. Onsite visits were conducted with each department to review survey, concerns, and to perform on on-site review of the workspace.  Members of the Workplace Violence Prevention Team performed the in-depth review of the work location and associated space.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Team continues to perform on-going assessment of the campus work space and climate.