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Workplace Violence Prevention Program

The College is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and recognizes that it must create an environment where each person's dignity will be valued. In a college setting, it is particularly important that there be respect for diversity and differences in opinion. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Policy Statement

  • It is the policy of SUNY Geneseo that each of our employees has the right to a workplace free from violence. Threats, acts of violence and acts of aggression by employees or against employees by coworkers, members of the public, or others will be responded to promptly.
  • For purposes of this policy, violence is defined as any physical assault, actual threat, or threatening behavior occurring in the work setting. This includes actions of employees, supervisors, visitors, vendors or any other person.
  • As an institution of higher education, SUNY Geneseo expects and encourages robust discussions among members of the college community. This policy does not cover speech or expressive activity which is protected by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York.
  • The unlawful possession or use on campus of firearms, knives (except non-spring pocket knives), or other weapons, explosives, or fireworks is prohibited.
  • Workplace violence should be reported promptly to the appropriate College official.
  • Members of the College community are encouraged to report behavior they reasonably believe poses a potential for workplace violation in order to maintain a safe working and learning environment.