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Workplace Violence Prevention Program

The College is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and recognizes that it must create an environment where each person's dignity will be valued. In a college setting, it is particularly important that there be respect for diversity and differences in opinion. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Policy Statement

  • It is the policy of SUNY Geneseo that each of our employees has the right to a workplace free from violence. Threats, acts of violence and acts of aggression by employees or against employees by coworkers, members of the public, or others will be responded to promptly.
  • For purposes of this policy, violence is defined as any physical assault, actual threat, or threatening behavior occurring in the work setting. This includes actions of employees, supervisors, visitors, vendors or any other person.
  • As an institution of higher education, SUNY Geneseo expects and encourages robust discussions among members of the college community. This policy does not cover speech or expressive activity which is protected by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York.
  • The unlawful possession or use on campus of firearms, knives (except non-spring pocket knives), or other weapons, explosives, or fireworks is prohibited.
  • Workplace violence should be reported promptly to the appropriate College official.
  • Members of the College community are encouraged to report behavior they reasonably believe poses a potential for workplace violation in order to maintain a safe working and learning environment.

Workplace Violence Reporting Procedures

Report Promptly

Report workplace violence or threats of workplace violence promptly. 

Suspicion: Any person suspecting a violation of the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy should report the suspicion to his or her supervisor or contact the University Police Department at 585-245-5222.

Threats: Any person subjected to, or witnessing a threat involving violence in the workplace should immediately contact the University Police Department at 585-245-5222 and report the incident to his or her supervisor.

Ongoing Activity: Any person subjected to, or witnessing a violation of the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy should immediately contact the University Police Department at 585-245-5222 or dial 911.

Reporting to University Police

  • The Silent Witness Reporting form should not be used for situations involving imminent danger to you or others
  • Incident reports may also be made anonymously using the form located on the University Police Web site (Silent Witness Form)

SUNY Geneseo's Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form (.docx)

Employee Training and Resources

The purpose of annual training is to ensure that all College employees: 

  • Are familiar with the College's policy and manageable
  • Know how to identify, respond to, and report workplace violence 
  • Understand identified risk factors as identified in the Workplace Violence Prevention Program
  • Identify specific methods for dealing with potential violence in the workplace (risk factors and behaviors.)

Workplace Violence Prevention Training-Online Course

Employees need to complete the annual training program for Workplace Violence Prevention which is available through myCourses. In accordance with the College's Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and New York State Law, employees at Geneseo need to complete training on an annual basis.  The program provides a short 10 minute video, policy review, and a short 10 question quiz.  The entire program will take no more than 20 - 30 minutes to complete.   A certificate of completion should be printed and forwarded to Human Resources, 219 Erwin Hall.  Please provide the certificate to your supervisor. 

Instructions for Accessing the Course:

To take the course, visit myCourses:

  1. Login with your Geneseo username and password.  The user name and password is your Geneseo user name and password - same as the one you use for myGeneseo and your email
  2. Select "Find a Course" (It's located right under the word Courses, the area that lists your courses)
  3. In the Keyword Search box type Workplace Violence Prevention
  4. When the course shows up in the list, select enroll
  5. Return to the home page by selecting Home
  6. The Workplace Violence Prevention Course should be listed among your courses
  7. Select the course and follow the steps

Employees must achieve 100% on the quiz to receive their certificate of completion. The quiz can be taken as many times as needed. You will need to re-certify by taking this course annually.

If you don't have a myCourses username, email and request a username.

Thank you for your time and attention to this very important program. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I can be contacted at x5616 or

Assistance Available 

Any questions or need for additional information relating to this policy can be directed to the Human Resource Office (585-245-5616) or the University Police Department (585-245-5651).

  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP): or call (585) 245-5740
  • NYS Balance is a service to help state employees and their families who are facing a problem in their lives.
  • Crisis counseling may also be an appropriate intervention after a workplace violence incident. Human Resources will arrange for counseling when appropriate. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Team 

The Workplace Violence Prevention Team (WVPT) was charged to develop a Workplace Violence Prevention Program that encompasses all components of the NYS Worksite Security Act requirements as identified in the Workplace Violence Prevention Program Guidelines authored by the NYS Department of Labor.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Team performs an on-going risk assessment and review of information related to campus safety and workplace violence prevention. 

Team Members:



Negotiating Unit

Julie Briggs

Human Resources


Stacy Colt

Human Resources


Scott Ewanow

University Police


David Parfitt

Teaching and Learning Center


Dana Passamonte

Facilities Services


David Schwan

University Police


Rhonda Lander

Human Resources


Joe Dolce

Computer Information Technology (CIT)


Sandra Yates

Health and Counseling


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment Walk-through: Employer must perform a risk assessment of their workplace.

Workplace Risk Evaluation Process

Methodology:  the risk evaluation was performed using the following elements

Analysis of the Form SH-900 Employee Accident and Injury Reports using a three-year trend review. 

  • Analysis of University Police Records that indicate past incidents or patterns that occurred in the workplace related to workplace violence.
  • Employee Survey was developed and administered in the late spring of 2009. It was designed to help identify areas of potential risk for workplace violence at SUNY Geneseo.  The survey data also provides information about employees' general perceptions regarding workplace violence.  There was a 33% response rate to the survey.
  • Physical Workplace Evaluation:  used the standard Workplace Violence Security Checklist developed by the NYS Department of Labor to evaluate the campus facilities.  The results from the employee survey were also used to pinpoint specific issues with buildings on campus.
  • Personal Safety Committee (PSC) Annual Report:  The Committee reviewed the three-years of annual reports submitted by the Personal Safety Committee.  The PSC is responsible for conducting an annual assessment of risk factors regarding safety concerns of the campus exterior
  • The cash procedures survey was conducted by the Associate Vice President for Administration and Controller to identify areas on campus dealing with cash transactions.  The results of the survey were shared with the Workplace Violence Prevention Committee.
  • Parking Committee Report: was reviewed by the WVPT to identify possible issues with parking lot facilities.
  • Physical Workspace Survey:  completed by department heads campus-wide to identify potential risks with the physical workspace where staff performs their duties. Onsite visits were conducted with each department to review survey, concerns, and to perform an on-site review of the workspace.  Members of the Workplace Violence Prevention Team performed the in-depth review of the work location and associated space.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Team continues to perform an on-going assessment of the campus workspace and climate.

Assistance Available

  • Any questions or need for additional information relating to this policy can be directed to the Human Resources Office (ext. 5616) or the University Police Department (ext. 5651). 
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or call (585) 245-5740
  • Crisis counseling may be an appropriate intervention after a workplace violence incident. Human Resources will arrange for counseling when appropriate.