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Calendar of Internal Control Activity


November Internal Control Officer "ICO" & IC Coordinator "ICC" plan current year assessment activity.
November Disseminate Internal Control Brochure and Annual Tone at the Top Memo to all employees.
December IC Committee meets to identify areas to assess internally and areas to audit externally. 
In 2018 the external area in rotation to be determined.  External auditors selected & engaged.

Send out Vulnerability Assessments (VA) to selected areas.

Risk Assessment survey begins with with our Foundation.  Team discusses results in the following month prior to the Foundation's winter meeting.

January VA due back to ICO.  External audit fieldwork begins.

ICO & ICC review and evaluate VA assessment results
Risk Assessment survey continues with Operations. 


OSC Advisory #28 internal audits due to SUNY

External audits due.
ICO & ICC review, evaluate & make recommendations to IC Committee.  An action plan, if necessary is prepared and implemented. Risk Assessment continues with Legal Liability and Financial Controls.

March SUNY IC Annual Certification Report & SUNY IC Status Report due to SUNY
Risk Assessment concludes with Health & Safety.
April SUNY IC Annual Certification Report & SUNY IC Status Report due to NYS Division of Budget "DOB".
May External audit fieldwork for the Foundation and College.
August External audit completion for Foundation and College

IC = Internal Control
ICO = Internal Control Officer
ICC = Internal Control Coordinator
VA = Vulnerability Assessment