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Meet Our International Peer Mentors

International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are Geneseo students who are passionate about spreading diversity on campus and making campus life for new international students’ as successful (and fun!) as possible. Many IPMs are international students who have experienced the challenges that international students face in college and they volunteer their time to help others get through those struggles. These IPMs were selected for their outstanding skills of communication, friendliness, reliability, knowledge of campus resources and passion. 

At the beginning of each semester, we assign IPMs to every new International student to answer questions they may have prior to arrival. Once school starts, IPMs keep in touch with their Mentee to serve as a resource, advocate, and connection for them. IPMs have a bi-weekly meeting with their Mentee to see how they are adjusting to their new environment and to address difficulties or struggles that their Mentees are facing. They also help new international students get involved in campus activities by holding events, taking Mentees to multicultural and other student organizations, to GLK events and more! 

If you are not a new F-1 student but would like to have your own International Peer Mentor, fill out this form. Request your own International Peer Mentor 

2019-2020 International Peer Mentors

Nami Nishimura

Nami Nishimura is a junior Physics major and Math minor. She is from Nara, Japan and came to Geneseo as an undeclared freshman. She established IPM program in cooperation with ISSS office in 2019 Spring. In addition to being IPM, she is a RAISE (RA for International Student Engagement) in Steuben Hall and has worked at ISSS office for 2 years. She is passionate about physics and works as Astronomy lab instructor, Physics tutor and Math tutor on campus. She is also taking a class to be trained as a SafeZone trainer, which is aimed to spread awareness of LGBTQ+ among the campus. 

She hopes that the IPM program helps new international students adjust to the new environment and make the most of the experience here. She thinks getting involved on campus activities and finding the place where we can feel we belong to is the key to have a fun and successful campus life. 

Fun facts: She worked at Toyota company for 1 year and a half before coming to Geneseo to earn tuition, but doesn’t even have a license.  

Nami profile picture

Akane Ichiki

Akane Ichiki is a junior in Biochemistry. She is from Yokohama, Japan and came to Geneseo as a transfer student. Before coming to Geneseo, she was a peer mentor in her previous university and wanted to help the international students at Geneseo. She established the IPM program in cooperation with ISSS office and Nami Nishimura in 2019. Akane is passionate about her research and is a research assistant in a Chemistry lab and Neuroscience Lab ( with Shreyya Malik.) She is the president of the Badminton Club and likes to play other sports and watch dramas/ movies from different countries in her free time. 

Fun facts: She loves ice cream, tea, and sleep. 

Akane profile picture

Priyadarshini Challa

Priyadarshini Challa is a junior mathematics major and will probably minor in socio medical science. She is from Hyderabad, India and transferred to Geneseo as a Psychology major from a small community college called De Anza in California. She loves to be involved on campus. Besides being an IPM, she is also a part of Alpha Delta Epsilon sorority. She also serves on college conduct board and is working for CAS since her first semester at Geneseo. She is very passionate about math and wants to get a PhD in applied mathematics.

She thinks that the IPM program is going to create a very comforting and welcoming environment for the new incoming international students. She thinks being involved on campus and using the resources available for students will be very helpful to experience a fun and healthy college life. 

Fun facts: She used to be a dancer and still loves to dance

Priya profile picture

Destini Lewis

Destini Lewis is a junior International Relations major with a Developing Worlds track and a French Minor. She is from Queens, New York, has a diverse background, and enjoys studying history, different cultures, and traditions from around the world. Apart from being an IPM, she is one of the Public Relations Officers for the Chinese Culture Club at Geneseo and is passionate about helping and reaching out to others.

Destini hopes that being an IPM allows her to interact with individuals of different backgrounds to help expand her view of the world and most importantly connect and work with other students to help them adjust to their new environment and create a positive space for students to feel at home. She believes that embracing diversity, getting involved on campus, doing your absolute best, and stepping out of your comfort zone is the most high-grade way to experience the great things SUNY Geneseo has to offer. 

Fun Facts: She loves to write, nap, study, walk around campus, watch the famous Geneseo sunset, and go on random adventures either by herself or with friends. She also edits videos and partakes in a few of Geneseo’s cultural nights. 

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Kenji Nagayoshi

Kenji Nagayoshi is a junior International Relations and Political Science major. He is from Osaka, Japan and came to Geneseo in Spring 2017 as a freshman. He started as an International Relations major, but later, he added Political Science as his second major. In addition to being an IPM, he is the president of the Japanese Culture Club and has been on an E-Board since 2017.

Studying at Geneseo is not his only study abroad experience, and he believes this will help new international students with adjusting to a new environment. In his junior year at Geneseo. He studied abroad in Groningen, the Netherlands for a semester. He firmly believes that the IPM program will be a great resource and help for incoming international students to start a new life as a student at SUNY Geneseo.

Fun facts: He is a major cinephile

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Shreyya Malik

Shreyya Malik is a senior on pre-medicine track with Neuroscience major and Biology minor. She was born in Bronx, NYC and raised in New Delhi, India. She moved back to the States to pursue higher education. She is an active member of PhiDE (pre-health fraternity), JCC (Japanese Culture Club), KASA (Korean American Student Association), CCCG (Chinese Culture Club at Geneseo) and was an event staff in GLK (Geneseo Late Knight) where she assisted in organizing weekend events for students and community, for the past two years. She also spends time volunteering at the University of Rochester, Strong Hospital, and is a Research Assistant in the Neuroscience lab. 

She hopes to create an inclusive and friendly environment for incoming students by being an International Peer Mentor. She believes that getting involved in extracurricular activities on and off campus enables us to become a part of the community and form good bonding with others. 

Fun Facts: Her nickname used to be meow because she and her brother quarreled like a cat and dog.

Shreyya profile pic

Fumi Ogura

Fumi Ogura is a junior from Tokyo, Japan. His major is International Relations, and his minor is Conflict Studies. He is involved in several organizations and clubs, such as Political Affair Club and Club Baseball. 

Fun facts: He likes listening to music, especially hip hop and R&B. 

Fumi profile picture

Hiina Asami

Hiina Asami is a junior, Business Administration major with an Environment Studies minor. She is also interested in marketing, and plans to add a minor. She is from Saitama, Japan and has a younger sister. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, which is a business professional fraternity. She will be a marketing chair and a fundraising chair next semester (Fall 2019). She likes watching movies, and recently found it interesting to see dramas. She also likes traveling, cooking, eating croissants and donuts, playing tennis and basketball.

Fun Facts: She loves sleeping and she can sleep more than 12 hours every day 

Hiina profile pic

Tammy Li

Tammy Li is a junior Business Administration major, though she plans on switching her major to Psychology. She is from Queens, New York and enjoys staying for hours at libraries. Other than being an IPM, she is also the Secretary for the Chinese Culture Club at Geneseo. She hopes that through the IPM program, the new students will be able to embrace the environment here at Geneseo.

Tammy hopes that she will be able to create a positive space for the new students to relax in. She believes that stepping out of your comfort zone, interacting with people, and finding a place that you feel comfortable in is one of the great ways to really enjoy the campus life here at SUNY Geneseo 

Fun Fact: Tammy likes dying her hair and once she accidentally got her hair dyed Christmas colors in the middle of summer. 


Become an International Peer Mentor

International Peer Mentors (IPM) are composed of Geneseo students who are passionate about spreading diversity among the campus and making new international students’ campus life as much fun and successful as possible. Most of them are international students who have experienced the difficulties international students face in college and they volunteer their time to help others get through those struggles. These IPMs were selected for their outstanding skills of communication, friendliness, reliability, knowledge of campus resources and passion


  • IPMs must be considered a full-time student and be registered for a minimum 12 credit hours for the semester.
  • IMPs must maintain both a cumulative and semester GPA of 3.0.
  • Bi-Weekly meetings with your Mentee are mandatory. 
  • Monthly meetings with the ISSS Office are mandatory.

In order to be an International Peer Mentor, you must participate in a group and individual interview at the end of the semester.  Fill out the application here!