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Online SOFI Information

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Geneseo is now using KnightWeb to collect and display the SOFI information.  To complete your SOFIs, go to KnightWeb and click on the SOFI Survey link at the top of the main menu.

To access reports from previous SOFIs, go to the SOFI Survey Reports link at the bottom of the main menu in KnightWeb.

Viewing Results

For questions on how to view results and more, please see:

Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty: Frequently Asked Questions


If you experience difficulties logging in or with the online evaluation process, please e-mail Julie Rao at .

About the SOFIs

Each semester, students are asked to comment on the instruction they received in their courses via the SOFI (Student Opinion of Faculty Instruction) instrument. Geneseo uses an online system to collect this data. During the last two weeks of the semester, students will receive an e-mail directing them to the SOFI website. Students log in using their Geneseo username and  password.

The online SOFIs are anonymous; the faculty member are not able to determine students' identities.  Students only provide their Geneseo login so the system can provide with the links to the appropriate courses: the login information is not connected to the actual SOFI submission.

From the Online Course Evaluation Website:

"We want you as a student to feel safe completing your evaluations on our site. Let us assure you that our company will never release email addresses or any other personal information. We also promise to keep your submissions confidential, meaning that we will never let the instructors or administrators at your school connect you to your evaluations. We will only give the school compiled data, with no student identifiers."

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for administering the SOFI's. Please contact the Director, Dr. Julie Meyer Rao, if you have any problems accessing or completing the SOFI's using the online system. She will work on your problem as soon as possible and respond to you with a solution.

If you have concerns about the SOFI process, students should contact the Student Association. Faculty are directed to the Faculty Senate.