Merge Tabular Data


  1. Open both files (in Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets) or locate the files on your computer.
  2. Note that you will need both datasets to include column headers. If no matching column headers can be identified, then there will be no option to Merge Columns.
  3. Copy and paste, or drag and drop, the first file, or set of data, into the text box labelled Dataset 1.
  4. Copy and paste, or drag and drop, the second file, or set of data, into Dataset 2.
  5. If there's already information in either Dataset 1 or Dataset 2 that you want removed, uncheck that box for "Preserve Dataset", and click Reset Values.
  6. Determine which delimiter is being used (usually it will be tab), and select it from the Delimiter dropdown menu.
  7. Select which column(s) to merge on. To select multiple, select one, and then press and hold the CRTL/Command key, and select another column.
  8. Press Merge. If nothing appears to happen, make sure both Preserve checkboxes are checked, and click Reset Values, then click Merge again.
  9. Once the Results field populates, copy and paste, drag and drop, or download as an Excel CSV file, the data produced in the Results field.

Note that both datasets must include column headers, and must also be entered with the same formatting.