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Greetings from Geneseo New York!  At SUNY Geneseo we have a dedicated International Student Services staff focused on helping students who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents of the United States.
We invite applications from international students who are currently overseas, and from those who are already in the United States studying at a Community College, University or High School.
This International Student site has been created especially for prospective international students.  You will find information on our university, its academic programs, and the many support services available to international students at Geneseo. Directions on how and when to apply for admission, information on transfer credit, living at Geneseo, and U.S. Government regulations for visa students are all included in this section of the website. To begin, click on any of our information links to the left.
We also wish to introduce you to our staff, student workers, current students, and alumni with the hope you will feel comfortable contacting us for more information.
Please visit all parts of this international student section of the SUNY Geneseo website!  After your visit if you have questions or need personal assistance please contact our staff directly by clicking here. We welcome you to our web pages, and look forward to welcoming you in person as a new student at SUNY Geneseo.

Other areas of service: 


Each semester the ISSS Office prepares a booklet summarizing important aspects of U.S. government regulations for international students.  This booklet, entitled “Maintaining Your Nonimmigrant Status,” is given to all students when they arrive on campus.  Copies are available throughout the semester at the International Student Services Office. Our office prides itself on the personal attention we give to the advisement process, some of the areas we provide guidance in include:

  • Visa Assistance
  • Social Security
  • Tax Workshop
  • OPT Advisement
  • Travel
  • CPT (internship and research programs) Advisement



The ISSS Office assists newly enrolled international students with the completion of the paperwork required to work on campus.  Staff of the local Social Security Office of the U.S. government come to Geneseo to process the student applications for a required "social security number." The ISS Office provides an outline of all the steps students must complete to be able to work on campus.



With Niagara Falls being a nearby tourist attraction, the ISSS Office frequently advises international students about the visa requirements to enter Canada and the paperwork needed to re-enter the United States.



The ISSS Office, working closely with the academic department chairperson, evaluates potential internships, and prepares the appropriate paperwork for the U.S. government related to this type of off-campus "curricular" practical training.



The ISSS Office assists international students who wish to work for a U.S. company in their field of study with the application forms for such employment (called "practical training").