Classes and Academic Life


Classes at Geneseo are offered in several formats, e.g.,lecture or seminar style discussion.  Classes meet from 1 to 4 times a week depending upon the subject and the number of credit hours.  You should be prompt getting to class; it is not acceptable to arrive after the formal meeting time for the class. The difficulty level of classes  is indicated by the class (course number) the number increases  as the difficulty of the subject matter increase. The standard progression is to begin by taking 100 level classes as a freshman. Sophomores take 200 level classes and 300 level classes are designed for juniors and seniors. 

The Professor/Student Relationship:

It is not expected that professors will remind students to complete their work or reach out to students who are having unexpressed difficulty.  It is the responsibility of the student to ask for help if they are having difficulty with the class readings, discussions, or lectures.  With that being said, once help is asked for, help will be delivered!  Professors are typically willing to spend extra time with students who need help or to set up tutoring for students who need extra attention. 

Professors at Geneseo tend to be enthusiastically involved in the academic lives of their students.  It is not uncommon for students and professors to be friendly and on a first name basis.  The professors at Geneseo truly want their students to succeed and are always willing to provide advice and guidance. 

Many professors work on research projects in addition to teaching classes, and there are many opportunities for students to get involved in these projects. 

In fact, this year, Geneseo sponsored its eighth annual G.R.E.A.T. Day (Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement, & Talent Day), in which students were able to present major projects and research findings.  In total, there were over 900 students giving presentations, consisting of poster presentations, pieces of artwork, dance performances, and paper presentations.  Several of our international students presented their works.  Below is a sampling of topics covered by our international students:

  • Building Internet Applications for Mobile
  • An Investigation of Intermediates in Alzheimer's
  • Electron Microscopy Study of Amyloid Beta
  • Organization Stimulation Behaviors in Retail
  • Rendering Geometric Shapes Using Volumetric Geometry
  • Multi-tasking in Short Term memory
  • Impact on Tourism in Naoshima

In addition to completing research with a professor, students in some areas of study also have the opportunity to work with their professors as Teaching Assistants (This involves explaining the main ideas of the professor's lecture to a small study group.)

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses:

SUNY Geneseo offers ESL writing courses and ESL pronunciation courses for all international students who wish to strengthen their understanding of written and oral English.  Students receive personal attention from professors who specialize in teaching English to non-native speakers.  These courses are designed to assist students in understanding when to use formal written style and when to use casual written style.  Students will also learn to write common forms of academic papers such as research papers and persuasive essays.