Dmitry (Dima) Azarov

Home: Russia

Major: International Relations, French

Graduated: Spring 2010


Where are they now?:

Currently, Dima is studying at the World Trade Institute located in Bern, Switzerland. He is working towards receiving a Master's degree in International Law and Economics, with a specialization in trade.

While at Geneseo:

While at Geneseo, Dima was one of the university's most talented and versatile students. He studied International Relations and French, and graduated fluent in Russian, Japanese, English, and French. Dima was active in many on-campus organizations that were both related to his field and purely extracurricular. He says that the club he enjoyed participating in most was intramurals. Every year, Dima and a group of friends would participate in outdoor and indoor intramural soccer leagues - and in his last semester at Geneseo, his team reached the finals! Dima also studied abroad for a semester in Montpellier, France. He says that this program allowed him to improve his ability to communicate in French, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences.


Dima was awarded the prestigious Rose Alent Scholarship from the Languages and Literatures Department. This award is given annually to one student who demonstrates excellence in French. In addition to monetary reward, the scholarship provides the recipient with additional foreign language experience to help the student become more fluent.

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