Health Insurance



Geneseo’s Lauderdale Student Health Service Office is located on University Drive. The office provides health care to students in the event of illness or injury.

The professional staff consists of a physician, nurse practitioners, nurses, health educator, dietitian, and pharmacist.  Outpatient clinical services that are available include consultation and diagnosis, treatment, observation, and, if necessary, referral for x-ray, treatment by specialists, and laboratory work.  Health education and nutritional counseling are provided to individuals and groups, with a strong emphasis placed on preventative counseling. 

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The SUNY Health Insurance plan is mandatory for ALL international students. You are urged not to purchase your own health insurance prior to arriving because a different insurance policy may not be accepted by Geneseo. 

Before starting classes, students must submit a completed Personal and Medical History Form to the Lauderdale Health & Counseling Center

The table below shows the different payment choices the SUNY Health Insurance coverage provides.



Type                                           Total Cost            

Fall Semester $526.35 USD
Spring Semester $526.35 USD