Malan Silva

Home: Sri Lanka

Major: Biology

Graduated: Spring 2009

Where are they now:

Currently, Malan is pursuing a Master's degree in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Rutgers University. While pursuing his graduate studies, Malan also works as a research assistant for a lab on campus. He is hoping to ultimately earn a PhD. in the field.

While at Geneseo:


As a biology major at Geneseo, Malan participated in multiple research projects and nation-wide conferences throughout his four years at the university. In conjunction with well-respected professors on campus, Malan studied multiple facets of biology, including the spread of influenza and microinjection techniques to silence the expression of certain genes. Malan asserts that it is the biology department's wealth of resources and well-rounded program that he would like to highlight the most. He explains that students are able to conduct research in a variety of areas, including Cell biology, Ecology, Biomathematics, Physiology, and Genetics. Malan also states that there are multiple model organisms that students can be exposed to in their research, including c.elegans, drosophila, immortalized cell cultures, insects, and marine organisms. Also, Geneseo has an electron microscope!

Other Experiences, Awards, & Honors:

As a member of the Geneseo Outing Club, Malan participated in an alternative spring break program to Kentucky in 2007 to clean up the Ohio River. He was an Orientation Assistant for the Access Opportunity Program in 2009, a position that enabled him to develop valuable leadership skills and welcome new students to the Geneseo community. He was also inducted into the Tri Beta Honors Society for his excellence and academic achievement in the field of biology. In his senior year, Malan presented a research poster at Geneseo Recognizing Excellence and Talent (G.R.E.A.T) Day, explaining his various research findings to the student body. He was also given the opportunity to present a poster at the 17th International C.elegans Meeting at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2009.


"I look back at my time in Geneseo with a lot of fond memories. Even though the classes were challenging, approaching professors wasn't. The research experience I gained at Geneseo directly helped me [to get] a job at Human Genetics Institute at a prominent university in NJ. At Geneseo I wasn't another face in the crowd. Because of the smaller class sizes, professors actually had time to interact with the students on an individual basis. My professors knew me by my name. That made it easier to approach them inside and outside of the classroom. Compared to the other places I have seen, professors at Geneseo are truly there for you."




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