MasakiMasaki Bannai

Home: Japan

Major: Biophysics and Art Studio

Minor: Chemistry

Graduated: Spring 2009


Where are they now?:

Masaki is currently attending Medical School at the University of Queensland School of Medicine in Brisbane, Australia. More updates will be provided as he continues to pursue his M.D.!

While at Geneseo:

Masaki was the epitome of a versatile and well-rounded Geneseo student. He graduated with a degree in both Biophysics and Art Studio which demonstrated his many talents and his dedication to the pursuit of multidisciplinary study. The system at Geneseo allows students to study a variety of fields that meet your interests, and Masaki truly seized this opportunity.


During his third and fourth years at Geneseo, Masaki conducted research in two areas of biology and presented his findings at two of the university's annual Geneseo Recognizing Excellence and Talent (G.R.E.A.T.) Days. One of his oil paintings was on display through the School of the Arts at the 2009 G.R.E.A.T. Day, as well, giving Masaki the opportunity to display his many talents. In addition to his on-campus research, Masaki conducted research at the Student Summer Research Fellowship and presented findings at the 48th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology and the Rochester Academy of Science.

Other Experiences:

Masaki was active in several clubs and organizations both on and off campus, as well. He enjoyed participating in intramural sports annually and was a member of the tennis club. He was involved in Hall Council, as well, serving as a leader and a decision maker within the residence halls on campus. Academically, he was a Teaching Assistant for Jewelry and Metals I and Chemistry I. He also volunteered at a hospice center located within walking distance of the university, called the Teresa House.

Awards, Honors, and Recognition:

Masaki was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society in his senior year. Phi Beta Kappa is "the nation's best known and most significant honor society". In order to receive this recognition, a student must demonstrate achievement in and commitment to a liberal arts degree. A faculty member must nominate a student in order to be eligible for induction, as well. Masaki also graduated a Presidential Scholar, a title that is given to only a few outstanding students in each graduating class.


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