Safety on Campus


SUNY Geneseo is located in a friendly village community. The 220 acre campus lies on the beautiful hills directly behind Main Street Geneseo. The university takes pride in our safe campus community.

Some of the safety measures here include:

Blue Light Phone System

The blue light phone system is a safety measure that is used when a person feels uncomfortable walking on campus. They are often used if someone is injured while walking on campus. There are 70 blue light telephones on campus linked to the University Police Office. The telephones are strategically located and easily recognized in parking lots, on residence hall buildings, and along pathways. If assistance is needed, students pick up one of the phones and are immediately connected to University Police. A University Police Officer will respond to the location where the call was made.

Safety in residence halls

Each building is secure and locked. Students may only enter their residence halls with a valid student identification card and personal security number. Each bedroom has its own card-access/keypad lock and the outer doors to suites have combination or card-access locks.

Each residence hall is staffed by trained, professional staff members. Each residence hall has a University Police Officer who regularly checks in on the building.

Health Services

Health Services provides routine primary care services such as physical Health Services provides routine primary care services such as exams, immunizations, allergy injections, and counseling. They specialize in diagnosing and treating health problems common to college students, managing certain chronic conditions, and consultations on health issues. 

The Geneseo First Response (GFR)

This is a volunteer student Emergency Medical Service organization made up of approximately 40 students. Working in conjunction with University Police and Health Services, GFR provides 24 hour on-call response to campus emergencies as well as stand-by assistance for major campus events.