THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing this newsletter with us!  As a speech pathologist for 25 years, I have had the majority of your writers as students at one time or another, and I am so proud to see how this program has grown and changed, and that the students truly get to experience the college life in a program geared to thier needs.  I hope to have another one of my current students attend Geneseo following graduation. Looking forward to more news! Bravo!!!

My experience with the LIVES Program, while simultaneously learning about students with disabilities, has definitely made me feel much more comfortable around people with disabilities. The most important point in learning about working with students with disabilities is that they are just students who have different needs than the student next to them.  Any person with a disability is just a person first, and all people need to realize this.  I am so glad that the students in the LIVES Program allowed me to work with them.  ~ A Secondary Education Math Major and Student Volunteer/Mentor 

   The heartfelt articles written by the students are a testament to how their experiences at Geneseo are enriching their lives. I'm sure that the enrichment goes both ways: that everyone who works with or comes in contact with them gains as well. ~ Geneseo College Faculty/Staff Member

     "I couldn't be happier that I agreed to participate in the LIVES Program, as what I have learned, and the relationships I've built over the course of the semester are priceless. I have come to find that many of the experiences I shared with the other instructors and the students are beyond measure.  I can not recommend this experience enough.  I grew as a teacher/mentor/friend, learned a great deal about working with others, as especially saw how much I still have to learn.  Working with the students in the LIVES Program taught me more than any textbook could teach me."~ A Dual Certification (childhood and special education) Preservice Teacher Candidate & Mentor

      "Working with the students in the L.I.V.E.S program was a great experience that really taught me the value and importance of education for ALL and not just some. Everyone involved has something to bring to the table and the end result is a learning experience that goes beyond just that of the students." ~ A Secondary Education History Major and Student Volunteer