Community Partners


Center for Community

Located within the Division of Student and Campus Life at SUNY Geneseo, the Center for Community provides vital administrative support to Livingston CARES operations. President Tom Matthews, Associate Dean of Leadership and Service, and Secretary Samantha Hebel, Coordinator of Volunteerism and Service-Learning were instrumental in coordinating student efforts post-Katrina. The Center for Community provides in-kind donations to CARES to assist with processing applications and recruiting participants. Livingston CARES thanks the Center for Community for its continual support. If you are interested in learning more, visit the Center for Community website.

Livingston County Chamber of Commerce

Chamber President Cynthia Oswald was instrumental in making initial contact in Harrison County, Mississippi shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Since all five of the Southern Mississippi Chamber of Commerce offices were completely destroyed by Katrina, Oswald contacted local government agencies in Harrison County to offer our assistance. In late September, Pam Aldridge, the Harrison County, Mississippi Administrator, responded and directed Cynthia to then Harrison County District Five Supervisor, Connie Rockco. Connie accepted our offer to help with the Katrina recovery efforts and continues today to be the catalyst for our continued friendship with Harrison County. Oswald assisted in the drafting of a resolution from the Livingston County Board of Supervisors and the communication establishing the long-term relationship with Harrison County. Oswald participated in the formation of Livingston County CARES and in the past represented the Chamber of Commerce as a member of the Livingston CARES Board of Directors. For more information, visit the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce website.

Livingston County, NY Governments

Livingston CARES is a collaborative effort between various villages and towns throughout Livingston County, including Geneseo, Avon, and Livonia. To continue its commitment to educate the community about our efforts, Livingston CARES participates in annual local events, such as Avon Old Tyme Days and the Geneseo Summer Festival. CARES has received the support of local chapters of Rotary and Kiwanis and the Garden Clubs in Geneseo and Livonia. We are grateful to all our supporters from this area. For a complete listing of our donors and supporters, please visit the Livingston County CARES website.

The Town and Village of Geneseo was involved in conversations with other community partners and organizations shortly after Katrina struck. Their commitment was solidified when a resolution was submitted by Geneseo Town Supervisor Wes Kennison, to the Livingston County Board of Supervisors on September 28, 2005 to support Livingston County CARES and to formally offer assistance to Harrison County, Mississippi. On October 12, 2005, this resolution was formally accepted by Harrison County Board of Supervisors. Kennison participated in the first January trip (2006) to Mississippi and serves on Livingston CARES' Board of Directors. On October 27, 2005, the Geneseo Village Board approved a resolution to participate in the Katrina relief activities of Livingston CARES. 

In November 2005, Nick Mazza, Livingston County Administrator, circulated a list to all county department offices, urging the staff to consider donating surplus equipment to Harrison County. Mazza participated in the January 2009 trip to Biloxi. 

Joan Ellison, Director of Health in Livingston County, serves on Livingston CARES Board of Directors, demonstrating the county government's commitment to CARES.