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Donations can be made to Livingston CARES general operating funds and our special Puerto Rico fund in several ways

You may donate to Livingston CARES through a mail-in donation or online.  Please see details below for how to compete your donation. 

Donations to the Puerto Rico Fund 

                                                                                   A group photo of students and volunteers in the Puerto Rico

Livingston CARES Board of Directors voted to expand the scope of our work in Puerto Rico to include an appeal for
contributions to help with the recovery efforts related to both Hurricane Maria and the January 2020 earthquakes. Donations to the
Puerto Rico fund will be combined with a $1,000.00 grant from the Marge Harding Memorial Fund to Livingston CARES. The funds will be
used for special project needs identified by frontline host agencies in Puerto Rico and approved by the board of directors. The funds will not be used for travel expenses related to our Puerto Rico service trips.

Livingston Cares March service trip to Puerto Rico was cancelled due to COVID-19 and our January trip to Puerto Rico during spring break was cancelled due to the earthquakes. We have made a long-term commitment to service work in Puerto Rico and will continue our service trips in January and March of 2021 and in future years similar to the years of service (40 service trips) Livingston CARES did after Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi and Harrison County, Mississippi.

Donations to Livingston CARES general operating fund

We are continuing to collect donations that go into our general operating fund. These dollars help us continue to serve local and national communities through our disaster recovery work, and support students and community members in making the commitment to serve in these communities. We are careful stewards of these funds, and as with all donations to CARES, your donation is tax deductible. 

Ways to Donate:

Donate using Venmo

   CARES Venmo QR code

When donating through VENMO please indicate "Puerto Rico Recovery Fund" or "General Operating Fund" so we can direct your donation to the proper place.


Donate using PayPal

Click the PayPal button above to use PayPal to make your donation. You can use a credit / debit card or your PayPal account to donate. When you follow the PayPal link above there is a dropdown menu that provides several options for available funds. Please the approprite one for your donation.

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal charges us a 3.5 % fee for each transaction - we encourage you to add that amount to your donation to help us offset those fees.

Donate using Network for Good

Visit the online Livingston CARES donation site through or click the button below to use Network for Good.

PLEASE NOTE: Network for Good has a service charge of 4.75% which is deducted from each donation to support their online service. As the contributor, please consider adding an additional 4.75% to your donation. 

click here to donate through Network for Good

Mail your donation:

You may donate to Livingston CARES through a mail-in donation. To send a donation, download and print the below gift form to enclose with your tax-deductible donation of a check made payable to Livingston CARES. Completed forms and checks can be sent to:

Livingston CARES Donation Form.pdf

Livingston County CARES
c/o Center for Community
SUNY Geneseo
MacVittie College Union, Room 353
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Amazon Smile

Please consider using Amazon Smile to have your eligible purchases contribute 0.5% of the purchase price to Livingston CARES, Inc. 

 Support for Australia

                                                                             Photograph of a firefighter combating a fire in a line of trees

The Livingston CARES board also explored ways aligning with our mission of "humanitarian projects including disaster relief and recovery efforts" to support recovery efforts in Australia. There are many worthy organizations in Australia working on immediate relief to both people and wildlife impacted by the fires and on long-term recovery. We encourage individuals in the Livingston County area to consider donating to one or more of them.

Here is a list of organizations to consider:
Wildlife – Animals Australia, New South Wales Wildlife Information,
Rescue, and Education Services (WIRES)
, Wildlife Victoria, Fauna
Rescue, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
, World Wildlife
Fund (WWF)

People – Red Cross of Australia, the Salvation Army of Australia
Firefighting Services – NSW Rural Firefighters, Country Fire Authority
(CFA) Victoria

All these organizations accept monetary donations on their websites.