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Livingston CARES volunteers serve in Lake Charles, LA

Four community members participated in Livingston CARES' first service trip in over a year helping to rebuild homes in Lake Charles, Louisiana with the Fuller Center. After hurricanes damaged homes last year, flooding occurred this spring damaging the same homes. Our volunteers are aiding in the rebuilding efforts, supporting homeowners and helping Livingston CARES return to its mission of disaster recovery, post pandemic.  Follow this link to see the full story: Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders take on SWLA homes

Livingston County Cares for our Healthcare Workers

A full report on our Spring 2021 effort can be found here: Livingston County CARES for our Heath CARES Workers County-Wide Cookie Project

saff at Luderdale and their cookies

Staff at Lauderdale Health and Counseling receive their cookies.

On Thursday, March 25, seventeen volunteers including board members, students, staff, and community members delivered over 2600 cookies to 118 healthcare worker sites throughout Livingston County. The gourmet cookie dough was supplied and partially donated by C & R Foods and Craig & Sharon Bolesky. 

staff at wegmans pharmacy getting cookie donations

The pharmacy team at Wegmans in Geneseo get their cookies.

Morrison Living staff at the Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (LCCNR) in Mt. Morris and the SUNY Geneseo Campus Auxiliary Services staff donated their time for baking, sorting, packaging, and labeling all our cookies for this project.

Funds and volunteer time for this project were donated by 34 individuals and five organizations including: Geneseo Central Presbyterian Church, Geneseo United Methodist Church, C & R Foods, SUNY Geneseo United University Professions, SUNY Geneseo Campus Auxiliary Services, Morrison Living at LCCNR and Wegmans.  Thank you donors and volunteers and thank you healthcare workers!

Livingston CARES logo with the text: Livingston County Cares for our Healthcare Workers

Livingston CARES is following up on our Front Line Workers Appreciation Project that took place in 2020 with the Livingston County Cares for our Healthcare Workers initiative in March 2021.  The board of directors and other volunteers reached out to the worksites of the 2,600 health care workers currently serving in Livingston County. Volunteers thanked each worker for their continuing service during this difficult pandemic. 

A full report on our efforts through the spring of 2020 can be found here: Livingston CARES COVID-19 Front Line Workers Appreciation Project Report

Follow this link to read the: Livingston County News story on our COVID-19 Front Line Workers Appreciation Project

For more information please contact cares@geneseo.edu.

What is Livingston CARES?

Livingston CARES is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting communities and individuals locally, regionally, nationwide, and globally in humanitarian projects, particularly focusing on disaster relief and recovery efforts. In September 2005, our organization began as a response to Hurricane Katrina's devastation along the Gulf Coast, establishing a relationship with the community in Biloxi, MS and sending our first volunteers in the spring of 2006.

Since our first trip in 2006, 1,491 volunteers have participated in 90 service trips to areas devastated by natural disasters including Biloxi, MS; Brooklyn, NY; Puerto Rico; The Florida Keys and Panhandle; and the Houston, TX region. Our volunteers have done it all---demolishing houses, installing sheetrock, painting, beautifying grounds at an elementary school, and everything in between. Learn more about our past work trips and volunteer experiences by accessing our trip reports!

Livingston CARES Statement of Solidarity with the Black community

The Board of Directors of Livingston has created a statement of solidarity with the Black community in response to the murder of Mr. George Floyd and other acts of violence against people of color in America. The statement was adopted by the Livingston County CARES, Inc., Board of Directors on Monday, June 8, 2020. 

Statement of Solidarity Excerpt:

As America and the world processes the tragic murder of Mr. George Floyd, and the countless other people of color who have experienced unwarranted violent policing and systemic racism, the board of directors of Livingston CARES is voicing its solidarity with the Black community. We are moved to speak out and pledge ourselves to actions that will help our communities heal through meaningful and systemic change for a more just and equitable society.

You can access and read the full statement here: Statement of Solidarity 

Donate to Livingston CARES

Individuals can donate to Livingston CARES' general operating fund or to support communities in Puerto Rico impacted by the recent hurricanes that devastated the island. Livingston CARES will work with local agencies Puerto Rico to ensure that all donations are used wisely to help individuals and families recover from the hurricane.Visit our Donate now page to contribute.

Questions regarding Livingston CARES may be directed to President of the Board of Directors, Tom Matthews at matthews@geneseo.edu, Vice-President of the Board of Directors Nicholas Palumbo at palumbon@geneseo.edu / 585-245-6493, or board Secretary Mackenzie DeRider at mderider@geneseo.edu / 585-245-5893.