Make Your Mark & The 2015 Senior Gift 

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What Make Your Mark is all about here at Geneseo? 

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Make Your Mark

"Make Your Mark is all about educating and engaging students on the importance of philanthropy and giving back at Geneseo. What so many don't realize is that even though Geneseo is a state school we actually receive less than 17% of our funding from the state. - So as a student actively involved in athletics, academics, student organizations, Greek Life, research, study abroad, you truly gain a unique perspective. These are the things that make Geneseo the one of a kind place it is. Without our alumni none of these amazing opportunities would be possible."

"... Make Your Mark Senior Gift is a legacy, a long standing tradition at Geneseo. By the time I've graduated and left Geneseo I'll be confident and proud to say I've made my mark on the place that did so much for me."

- Jacob M. Vaccaro, Class of 2017

"I will give back to Geneseo because I want future studnets and athletes to share the experience that I have had over the last four years. I want to come backj in ten years and hear that students are still making the memories that I was fortunate enough to make."

-Carson Schell '14, Captain of Men's Ice Hockey

"As the President of the Class of 2014, I've had a great experience during my time at Geneseo. Contributing through Geneseo's Make Your Mark program gives me a chance to give back in return for everything Geneseo has given to me. I made my mark to ensure that future generations of students love Geneseo just as much as I do."

-Aaron Dorfman '14

"Geneseo has provided me with a multitude of wonderful opportunities that have helped me to shape who I am today. I want more than anything for future students to share these amazing opportunities! For me the best way to make that happen and Make my Mark at Geneseo was to give directly back to Res Life and the programs that have given me so much!"

-Joanna Rose-Gross '15

"I love Geneseo and feel fortunante to have been a part of this community. I think it's important to give back to a school that hass given so much to me."

-Allie Mallette '16

"Even as a freshman I have already be affected by private donations. My involvement in numerous clubs and activities has created so many opportunities that I couldn't imagine how different my time here would be with out them. Giving back to a community and college that has done so much for me really allowed me to make a difference here and show my gratitidue."

-Chloe Forsell '17

Women's Basketball

"We should give back to Geneseo beacause it provided us with experiences and friendships that we will have for the rest of our lives. Make Your Mark gives you the opportunity to make your own unique impact on Geneseo even before your four years are over."

-Allison McKenna '16, Women's Basketball Team

"It's important to give back because we all have had an awesome experience here. I don't think students realize how much private donations help fund Geneseo programs that we experience everyday. Personally, I've had the opportunity to participate in an Externship to New York City where I meet and connect to Geneseo alum. I know that this wasn't covered by our tuition, but through generous support from alumni, family, and friends of the college."

-Lauren McKeon-Elsenbeck '15

"Studying abroad in Nicaragua was one of the most eye opening and life changing experiences that I've had. There's so much unseen beauty that we don't know about. The study abroad programs that Geneseo offers are incredibe, an experience that everyone should be able to have. Luckily, beacause of unrestricted gifts, a large portion of our student body is able to go somewhere they never thought possible."

-Ben Linchuck '14

"Just recently I was able to land an internship for next summer through Career Services! It's great to give back to a program that has already given back me to!"

-Chloe Deangelis '16

"I realized many of my best opportunities and memories were created with the help of alumni and I wanted to help provide those possibilities for current andn future students through Make Your Mark."

-Connor Fedge '14, Men's Basketball Team