Homma Farian

Lecturer of Mathematics
South Hall 313

Homma Farian is a member of the Geneseo faculty.

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Research Interests

My research interests include computational math and computer science applications of parallel and distributed computing.

Directed Studies

INTD 399: Blackjack / Card Counting

This course focuses on creating a simulator for the game of Blackjack that would allow for two players to play with the option of automating one of them. 
The simulation also takes into account the ever changing probability of the deck of cards. This is done by implementing a card counting algorithm, which will also calculate the rate of success for each given situation as well as the probability of breaking.

INTD 299: DS: CAPTCHA Security

This course focuses on the study of CAPTCHA security, particularly on techniques for creating a program capable of decoding CAPTCHAs using the MATLAB programming language.

INTD 399: Game Theory & Discrete Mathematics

In this directed study, the student will use the Python programming language to design and implement solutions to a variety of real world problems in the areas of discrete structures, combinatorics, and graph theory. Problems that will be investigated and implemented include: the apportionment problem, finite-Markov chains, forbidden-position arrangements, and the traveling salesman problem.


  • MATH 230: Programming&MathProblemSolving

    This course serves as an introductory programming course for Mathematics majors. Basic programming techniques for solving problems typically encountered by mathematicians will be developed. The course covers basic procedural techniques such as algorithms, variables, input/output, data types, selection, iteration, functions and graphing. Good programming and commenting practices will be emphasized. The programming language for the course will be a mathematical programming language such as Matlab. Restricted to Math majors only. Corequisite/Prequisite: MATH 222. Offered every semester