2018 Cultural Harmony Week

Detained: Let's Walk It Out, Not Wait It Out

Sunday, October 14-Sunday, October 21 (exhibit opens October 10th)

Exhibit: Artwork from Guantanamo Bay Prison provided by the Center for Constitutional Rights, Kinetic Gallery, CU 2nd Floor

Since it opened in 2002, the offshore U.S. military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba has been shrouded in secrecy. One of the ways the men detained ­­­­­­­­­­have connected to the outside world and reclaimed their humanity is through art and storytelling. Creating art has been a way for prisoners to express feelings of uncertainty, torment, and hope, and imagine life beyond their detention. When formal artwork classes at Guantánamo were sanctioned under the Obama administration, government-censored artwork was permitted to travel outside the prison to family members and lawyers. Some of the artists in this exhibit have since been released from Guantánamo; others have been detained for 16 years, with no end in sight. None of the artists have ever been charged with a crime. In November 2017, the US military banned any more artwork from leaving the prison.

Monday, October 15, 2018

5:00pm, Bailey 105: Discussion Topic: Student Activism: Helping Children Separated From Their Families At The Border

In partnership with Dr. Eve Krief, pediatrician and founder of Long Island Inclusive Communities Against Hate. Students will lead a discussion on the harmful implications for children who have been separated from their families and placed in detention centers. Participants will receive information addressing pediatric medicine, pediatric mental health, and will be given the opportunity to get involved in helping affected families. Sponsored by Hillel.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2:30pm, CU Ballroom: All College Hour Speaker Series: David Herd and Anna Pincus, Refugee Tales, “Art, Activism and Ending Detention"

Herd and Pincus are the co-organizers of Refugee Tales, a walk in solidarity with refugees, asylum seekers and detainees. As an outreach project of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group, the project is inspired by the experiences of those held in immigration detention at Gatwick. Herd and Pincus work directly in collaboration with those who have experienced the UK asylum system. Through that sharing of other people’s tales, the project seeks to communicate experiences of migration and make visible indefinite detention.

7:00pm, Tower Room, Doty Hall: Poetry Reading: David Herd, author of All Just and Through

Herd’s poetry explores what it means to be political in contemporary times, particularly in relation to hidden spaces of detention, such as the undocumented, unrecorded decision process facing refugees and asylum seekers. He will read poems that offer ways to both bear witness and take action, poems that help us reflect on the ways we, too, are caught up in human detainment.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

11:00am, CU114, GOLD Center: Presentation: Anna Pincus, Working With Those Indefinitely Detained in the UK

The UK is the only country in Europe that detains people indefinitely for immigration purposes. The tyranny of uncertainty about the future destroys the mental health of those detained. This talk describes challenges of the work, and how one charity has responded at a time when migrants are frequently vilified in the media.

7:00pm, Newton 204: Film Screening: The Least of These (1h 41m)

Detention of immigrant children in a former medium-security prison in Texas in 2007-2008 leads to controversy when three activist attorneys discover troubling conditions at the facility. This compelling documentary film explores the role and limits of community activism, and considers how American rights and values apply to the least powerful among us.

Friday, October 19, 2018

12:30pm-4:00pm, Village Park, across from Brodie Hall: A Walk In Solidarity for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Detainees

Since 2015, the Refugee Tales project has walked in solidarity with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigration Detainees. The walk is an opportunity to reclaim the landscape by bringing visibility to all forms of detention. In collaboration with David Herd and Anna Pincus, SUNY Geneseo will host its own walk by gathering to understand the experiences of migration and indefinite detention.

9:00pm, Sturges Auditorium: Open Mic: Give Us A Piece of Your Mind

With a focus on peace, this open mic event will include music and poetry along with local bands and performers! Sponsored by GLK and Peace Action.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

5:30pm, CU Ballroom: Intercultural Dinner: Freedom & Redemption

The multicultural and diversity focused student organizations will come together to share their experiences of freedom and redemption through skits, dances, songs, videos, etc. Guest will also share a meal highlighting cultural foods. Sponsored by the Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE), Student Association and C.A.S.

The 2018 Cultural Harmony Week is sponsored by the Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE), Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS), Center for Community, Center for Integrative Learning, Department of Student Life, Division of Student & Campus Life, Geneseo Late Knight, Geneseo Literary Forum, Hillel, Office of Multicultural Programs & Services, Office of Student Volunteerism & Community Engagement, Student Association and Study Abroad.