Instructor Step-by-Step:

CREATE and manage folders

As the primary tab for course content, the Course Materials tab can include both a high volume and a wide assortment of items. One way to manage your course content effectively is to use folders. Course content can be nested within folders or subfolders.


To Add a Folder:

1.    Log into your course and click the Course Materials tab.

2.    Click the Add content hyperlink located underneath the Course Materials title. 

3.    Click the Add a Folder hyperlink.  The Folder editor appears.  Fill in the desired tabs and Save.

Managing Folders:

  • To place course materials into a folder, click into the folder and click the Add Content hyperlink (located on the left side of the toolbar).
  • To modify or delete the folder, use the Edit and Delete hyperlinks (located under the folder you created on the Course Content tab main page).
To rearrange created folders, click Rearrange (located on the left side of the toolbar). Highlight the folder that you wish to move; then use the Top, Up, Down, or Bottom buttons to relocate your folder.             


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