Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:


how to grade a discussion forum

  1. Go to the Course Materials tab and click on the Submissions menu option below the Discussion Forum you wish to grade

  2. Click on Grade Forum

  3. A grid will display containing all enrolled students, the total number of posts per student, number of replies, number of peer replies,  average peer rating, percentage earned (if Scoring was enabled) and the Gradebook Grade.  (See Figure below)

  4. Enter the grade in the Gradebook Grade box, add any additional comments and click Submit Grades.   If you are using the gradebook and would like to associate the Discussion Forum grade with a Gradebook Assignment (the grade will then automatically flow into the Gradebook Grade Entry Grid), please go to Associating a Course Materials Content Item to your Gradebook Assingment.
  5. The additional reference tools of  Peer Rating and Scoring can be utilized by the instructor for assiting in grading a Discussion Forum (Note: they are not actual grades and will not appear in the Gradebook).

  • Peer rating can be done by everyone in the class if enabled, by clicking on the Stars next to a post within the Discussion Forum itself

  • Scoring can be defined and automated using the Settings Menu --> Interaction tab by the instructor only


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