Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

How to Import content from your Personal Repository (LOR)

  1. Log into myCourses and enter your Personal LOR (see figure 1)LOR 1
  2. Select the Manage tab (figure 2, point A) and then select Course and group Access (figure 2, point B) in order to verify that the course you want to add content to has permission to access your personal LOR.
  3. If the course you want IS on the list, skip to step FIVE.
  4. If the course you want isn't on the list, select myCourses under Add Associations From. (see figure 3) On the bottom right of the new page is where you add associated courses to your LOR. Click its checkbox to select a course and then choose Add Selected. Conversely, you can remove courses from the LOR using the remove tool in the upper left of the screen. When you are done adding or removing courses from your LOR, leave by using the Exit button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the Repository tab (figure 2, point C) and then select the Publish (figure 4) option from the toolbar
  6. Checkmark the items you wish to add to your course(s) and click continue
  7. Click search to display your list of courses, as determined by steps 2-4 (figure 5, point A)LOR 2
  8. Checkmark the course or courses you wish to add the content to (figure 5, point B)
  9. Choose Link Content button at the bottom of the screen (figure 5, point C) (note: Linking is more efficient and better organized than copying, and will also save you time later if you need to alter or delete content from your LOR. With linking, just do it and you're done. With copying, changes have to be made to each copy.
  10. Once you receive the notice that the item was successfully added, select continue which will take you back to the list of LOR content.
  11. Linked LOR content appears under the Course Materials tab within the designated course. 










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