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How to Submit to a Drop box

Drop Boxes are used by instructors as a means to collect electronic submissions of lessons that can consist of typed and/or attached files (i.e. word documents, power point presentations).  You must use a supported browser to insure a successful submission.  We recommend Firefox, however, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari are now all supported.  Follow the steps to submit to a drop box:


  • Step 1:  Enter the course containing the drop box assignement and click on the Course Materials tab
  • Step 2:  Locate the Drop Box assignement in question and click on the title
  • Step 3:  Your instructor may provide assignment details in addition to the system generic Instructions of "Enter or paste your written and/or click Attachments" to upload your files"
  • Step 4:  Enter a Title for your submission
  • Step 5:  There are three options for drop box submissions that can be configured by the instructor:
    • Option 1 - Message only:  You can type or cut/paste short paragraphs of information direclty in the Message Box (ability to attach a file will not be available) --> click Submit
      Dropbox submission message only
    • Option 2 - Attachment only:  There will not be a message box to enter information --> click on Attachments --> a pop up box will appear --> click on Browse (or Drag-n-Drop) --> locate your assignment file on your computer -->click Upload File --> click  Finished --> Click Submit.
    • Option 3 - Message and Attachement:  The instructor may want a combination of both a Message Box for you to type or cut/paste information and a file uploaded by clicking on Attachments  (See Option 2 for detailed steps on uploading an Attachment) --> click Submit


NOTE:  File size is limited to 2MB, to compress a flle greater than 2MB --> right click on the file on your computer (on a MAC, control click) --> select Send to --> Compressed (Zipped) Folder.  A copy of the file with the same title and .zip extension will be created.  Select the compressed (zipped) file to upload.  myCourses will automatically unzip the file for the instructor.


Always double check submissions for all drop box assignements, evern if you receive a notification of a successful submission.  Go back to the drop box to see if your submission appears.  You will only be able to see your own submission (unless the instructor has enabled Peer Review) --> click on your sumission to display your Message and/or Attachment.  For additional information, see Best Practices for Students




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