Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

importing opscan or prs scores into the mycourses gradebook

The process for importing Opscan (bubble sheets) and Personal Response System (PRS, aka “clickers”) scores into the myCourses gradebook is very similar.  Note: Your gradebook must be set up in myCourses for these assignments before proceeding.  See the Gradebook Self-Help doc for assistance in setting up your gradebook.

Step 1: Collecting Student Scores

  • Opscan:  The Opscan results are sent via email from CIT.  Within the zipped file, you will find files called myCoursesImport.csv and myCoursesImportReject.csv .  Copy both files to your desktop. You will need to manually enter the scores from the myCoursesImportReject.csv file into the myCourses gradebook (See Gradebook Self-Help doc how to update grades), as the file contains scores that did not match a Geneseo ID number to a student.
  • PRS:  The PRS system will create a csv file containing student usernames, first and last names, and scores. Copy the file to your desktop.

Step 2: Importing the Scores into the myCourses GradebookOpscan

Enter the course where you want to update the grades and go to the Manage Tab > Gradebook > Import Grades.  The Import Grades process has the following built in steps:

Import Grades, Step 1

  • Browse for either the Opscan or PRS .csv file containing the student scores on your destktop (Note: the myCoursesImportReject.csv file is not used at this time)
  • Click the radio button for Comma and check the box for “File Has Column Headings”
  • Click Next

Import Grades, Step 2 – See Figure 1

  • Click the down arrow for User ID and select (Skip) – User ID is this field is not used for either Opscan or PRS
  • Click the down arrow for Source ID and select GID (Geneseo ID Number) (Note: if the PRS file does not contain the Geneseo ID numbers, Click the down arrow and select (Skip)).
  • Click the down arrow for Login Name and select USER_ID (Geneseo username)
  • Click Next

Import Grades, Step 3 

  • OpScan:  Click the down arrow next to either SCORE_POINTS or SCORE_PERCENTAGE depending on how you are grading this assignment and select the assignment from the myCourses Gradebook to be updated with the scores.  Make sure the radio button is selected that matches the grading format you selected above (Percentages with SCORE_PERCENTAGE or Points with SCORE_POINTS) See Figure 2
  • PRS: Click the down arrow next to the Test title (contains date and time) and select the myCourse Gradebook assignment to be updated with the scores. See Figure 3.  Uncheck “Lock Imported GradesClick Finish

The scores will now appear in the Grade Entry Grid in the column for the Gradebook Assignment selected in Step 3.


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