Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

Lock a PDF

  1. From Adobe Acrobat Professional menu bar, click Advanced > Security > Encrypt With Password (alternatively, you can click the Secure icon > Encrypt With Password) see figure 1)Lock PDF 1
  2. Under the Permissions section, click the checkbox next to Restrict editing and printing of the document. Next to Change Permissions Password, create a password that will allow you to edit or print the PDF.
  3. Make sure that the Printing Allowed drop down menu is set to "none." Make sure the Changes Allowed drop down menu is set to "none."
  4. Make sure that Enable copying of text, images, and other content is unchecked.
  5. Make sure that Enable text access for screan reader devices for the visually impaired is checked. 
  6. See figure two for steps 2-5.
  7. Press OK
  8. Another box will appear. Press OK
  9. Another box will appear. Reenter the password you created, then press OK
  10. Another box will appear. Press OK.
  11. In order for these security effects to take place, you must save the PDF. The changes will not be effective until you save.

.Lock PDF 2










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