Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

Update Grades Using the Gradebook Export/Import UtilitiesUpdategradesexportimport

Another option for updating grades is by using the Gradebook Export/Import utilities.  This option works well for large classes, assignments not associated with a course materials content items, and/or updating the grades for more than one assignement at one time.  Your gradebook must be set p prior to using this option.  See Gradebook Setup for assistance.

There are three major steps in the process. The First Step is to Export your gradebook setup to your desktop.  The Second Step is to update the grades in the column(s) for the assignement(s) you want to update the grades for. The Third Step is to Import the file with the updated grades into the Gradebook within the myCourses system.  Here are the steps in detail:


Step 1: Export your Gradebook Setup

  1. Enter your course and click on the Mange Tab --> Click Gradebook --> click Export Grades
  2. Leave the radio button set to "Comma Separated" and select Percentage or Points based your gradebook format        (See Figure 1)
  3. Click Export and download the file to your desktop


Step 2: Update Grades

  1. Open the file on your desktop and fill in the grades in the column for each student for the assignment you wish to update.  More than one assignment can be updated at one time. (Note: You can open the fie in excel and utilize formulas, however, you must save the file in a .csv format before importing the file back into the gradebook. Also note that formulas will not be recognized within the myCourses system.)
  2. Save your changes to the file


Step 3: Import file with the updated grades into the myCourses Gradebook

Enter your course and click on the Mange Tab --> Click Gradebook --> click Import Grades

At Step 1 of Import Grades:

  • Click Browse and locate the .csv file containing the updated grades on your desktop
  • Leave the radio button set to Comma and check the box for "File Has Column Headings"
  • Click Next (See Figure 20

At Step 2 of Import Grades:

  • Use the drop down arrow options to select (Skip) for User ID
  • Use the drop down arrow options to select (Skip) for Source ID
  • Use the drop down options to select Login Name for Login Name
  • Click Next (See Figure 3)

At Step 3 of Import Grades:

  • Name, Login Name, Source ID and Overall should all be set to (Skip)
  • Click the drop down arrow next to any Gradebook Assignment(s) listed on the left and match it to the Gradebook Assignment(s) within the drop down options on the right
  • The assignments in the dropdown options on the right contain the grades you just updated.  Figure 4 illustrates updated grades for Homework 1 & 2 only, all other assignements were skipped in the update
  • Click the radio button for either Percentage or Points based on how you are grading the assignment(s)
  • Uncheck "Lock Imported Grades"
  • Click Finish


The grades for the assignments will now be updated in the Gradebook  Grade Entry Grid and Overall Grade Report.




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