myCourses, Geneseo's Learning Management System (LMS), is used to supplement a traditional classroom course with online content or to deliver courses totally online. myCourses provides a comprehensive set of tools for student-faculty online interactivity including a course materials repository, discussion forums, class announcements, class grades, surveys, assessments, course mail and much more. All Geneseo courses are created in myCourses automatically with enrollment.


Instructor self Help Guides:

 Course Materials Tab Items

Course Materials Handbook

Create and Manage Folders

Custom Content Organization (Icons/Display/TimeRelease)

Move an Item within Course Materials

Making Files Accessible (508 Compliance)

myCourses Accessibility Basics

Add a Website Link Using a Page Content Item (recommended option)

Link to an Internet Page or your Geneseo Outbox

Lock a PDF (from Printing)


Assessments Handbook

Assessments Best Practices

How to create an assessment using teams to meet required test access and accomodation needs

Enable Review of an Assessment or Dropbox

High Security Assessment

How to Regrade an Assessment Question

Import or Copy Exam Questions

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums Best Practices

Create a Discussion Forum

Embed an Image into a Discussion Forum

Embed a Video into a Discussion Forum

How to Grade a Discussion Forum

How to Grade a Discussion Forum with a Rubric


Dropbox Best Practices

Create a Drop Box

Enable Review of an Assessment or Dropbox

Review and Grade Drop Box Submissions

See Who Did Not Submit to a Dropbox


turnitin Instructor Getting Started Guide

turnitin - Help Center

Course Handout: The "Plagiarism Specturm" identifies 10 types of plagiarism

Electronic Reserves

Request to Milne Library to Add E-Reserves to myCourses

When the library publishes your eRes documents to myCourses, your eReserves will appear in a folder called “Electronic Reserves” found in the Course Materials Tab.

Incorporating Outside Resources

How to Add Content from MERLOT

Embed an Image

Embed a YouTube Video

How to Publish Video

Link to Your Outbox