For Immediate Release — June 21, 2004



College Follows Lead of Princeton, University of Chicago, Texas A&M With Use of Cutting-Edge Technology; One of First SUNY Schools to Implement System

GENESEO, N.Y. — In an era of shrinking budgets, understaffed offices and multi-tasking employees, the State University of New York at Geneseo is undertaking a bold new initiative that will save time and money, and in the process benefit the hundreds of individuals who apply to work at the college in a variety of faculty, staff and student positions each year.

The college is replacing the traditional "paper application" process with an online employment and application system that will be used when hiring faculty, professional and classified staff. The system will also be used for employing students on the Geneseo campus.

According to Dr. Kenneth H. Levison, vice president for administration at the college, there are many benefits of the new system. These include the automation of workflow, the elimination of a series of paper approval documents needed to initiate, conduct and finalize a search, and replacement of these documents with electronic forms and approvals. "The system will facilitate and automate many of these labor-intensive, paper-driven aspects of the recruitment, application and hiring process," he explained.

This Geneseo initiative has triggered interest throughout the SUNY system, and the project was recently demonstrated at the SUNY Western New York Business Officers Meeting. In addition, it will be showcased at a SUNY Personnel Directors’ Conference in June.

SUNY Geneseo is Livingston County’s largest public-sector employer, and, as such, "we believe it’s important to let our neighbors know there will be a new way to apply for a job at SUNY Geneseo," said Edna Chun, assistant vice president for human resources at the college. "As a major employer in the region, we want people to know we will be changing the way we do business." Chun said that the system will allow individuals to apply for available positions at the college 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

She pointed out additional advantages of the online tracking system. "Job seekers will be able to view job postings online, establish and maintain password-protected accounts to maintain online employment applications, submit job-specific cover letters and résumés, and track the status of positions for which they have applied," she said.

The benefits are also plentiful for managers overseeing a search. "The applicant pool can be accessed electronically at any time, and applications and résumés can be stored electronically, rather than filling up file cabinets and storage facilities," Chun explained. "In addition, due to its ease of use, the process increases self-identification of minority candidates and enhances our outreach efforts."

The system will provide for:

• The ability to route application materials via the Web to an individual manager, or members of a search committee;

• The ability for applicants to create a Job Profile and receive e-mail updates when new positions at Geneseo matching their interests become available;

• Maintenance of an applicant database for historical analysis, and for identifying potential candidates for future searches;

• Greatly reduced clerical work for departments.

"This system will help us recruit the best faculty and staff, and will increase the speed with which we can make an offer to a qualified candidate," said SUNY Geneseo President Christopher C. Dahl. "In a competitive, twenty-first century job market, you’ve got to move quickly – if you’re not able to hire somebody who is in demand quickly, they may be hired away by someone else."

He added that once the system is implemented, it will significantly improve Geneseo’s presence in the job market in attracting talented and diverse faculty and staff. "In claiming our place as the premier undergraduate institution in SUNY and one of the finest public liberal arts colleges in the nation, we need the most outstanding faculty and staff we can find," he said. "This new online system will assist us in those efforts, and will have the added benefit of enhancing our goal of increasing diversity on campus by being able to reach even more potential applicants through the Web."

Following campus-wide training, the implementation of the online employment system is expected to take place July 1.

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