Nov. 02, 2012

Physics Department Ranks Second in Nation in Latest AIP Bachelor’s Degree Report


Senior physics majors Megan Russ and Collin Stillman work with Geneseo's particle accelerator, one of the few in the country at a liberal arts college.

GENESEO, N.Y. - SUNY Geneseo's physics department was second among the nation's more than 500 primarily undergraduate institutions for producing the largest number of students graduating with physics degrees from 2008-2010, according to data recently published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

Geneseo averaged 26 graduates per year in the classes of 2008-10. Only the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland graduated more with an average of 31.

"The AIP statistics confirm the quality academic program we have built here at Geneseo, and I credit the hard-working and creative faculty and staff in our department for the sharp increase in the number of majors we have seen in recent years," said Charles Freeman, professor and chair of Geneseo's Department of Physics and Astronomy. "All of our students truly receive an outstanding education in physics, and a very large number work closely with our faculty on a wide variety of high-impact undergraduate research projects. This allows our students to gain valuable hands-on experience and to immerse themselves in an area that piques their interest."

SUNY Geneseo's Department of Physics and Astronomy prepares its students for a variety of careers including engineering and related fields, teacher certification and research in industry or graduate school. In addition to teaching, the department's eight full-time faculty members are involved a variety of research projects, providing numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research with faculty during the year and in the summer. Many students involved in research travel to physics conferences with faculty to present findings to a wider physics community.

The AIP is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the knowledge of physics and its application to human welfare.

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