College Communications Creative Services Team (CST)
Project Workflow

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College Communications Creative Services Team (CST) is here to work with you.  Our team brings its knowledge, expertise, insight and experience to every job request with the goal of making your project a resounding success.  We look forward to working with you!

Step 1

Complete the online job request form. Please be specific and detailed; this helps CST plan, manage and complete your project. Please submit your request at least six weeks prior to your delivery date to allow for design and printing.

Step 2

A CST team member will schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Note: College Communications is responsible for assigning all jobs to CST members; projects are assigned dependent upon individual workloads.

Step 3

You'll meet with a CST member(s), review the job request, brainstorm ideas, identify potential issues and develop a plan of action.

Step 4

The CST member(s) will create and deliver your project. For updates on the progress of your project, or to provide additional project resources, contact x5516 .