Oct. 07, 2013

SEFA 2013


This year's SEFA  theme is Time, Talent & Treasure. We recognize the importance of volunteering (time), sharing our special gifts (talent), and giving of possessions/finances (treasure).

Please consider participating in this year's campaign. Every contribution helps. A dollar a pay period can offer support and assistance to others — that's only $26. For example, your one dollar a pay period can allow a potential donor to be typed for the bone marrow registry or supply a wig to a patient that has lost his/her hair due to chemotherapy.

If you need any assistance in filling out your pledge form (.pdf), or have a question about SEFA, please feel free to contact us at (585) 245-5060, or visit us in Room 3, Blake C.

We thank you for your time and generosity and look forward to working with you in the support of others as we share and change lives with our time, talent, and treasures.

Betsy Colón and Traci Phillips, Co-Chairs , 2013 SEFA Campaign

About SEFA

The State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) is a single combined campaign for employees of New York State, supported by labor and management. SEFA is the only charitable solicitation of state employees authorized in state law and regulation. State employees may contribute through payroll deduction or by check.