Class of 2016 E-Lert, Issue V

2012 Orientation Advisors

2012 Orientation Advisors
Are you as excited as we are?  Only 3 weeks until move-in day!  What are you doing to prepare?  Here's some information to help you get ready.

Office Highlight: Health and Counseling

Led by Melinda DuBois, the administrative Director, and located in the Lauderdal Building on University Drive, the Health and Counseling center "promotes students' optimal health, well-being and development through the provision of high quality, integrated and holistic health services. Staffed by caring professionals, Health & Counseling offers primary health care, psychological counseling, sexual health services, and health promotion services to SUNY Geneseo students, as well as consultation, prevention and training programs to the Geneseo community."

Led by Dr. Steve Radi, the Heath Services' mission is to "assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both while you are at Geneseo and beyond. The experienced health care professionals are highly qualified to help you achieve your health goals by providing a wide range of primary care services."  You can receive the similar quality and type of care as you would from your doctor at home.  Have a cold or a cough? Stop by their self-care center.  Have something alittle more serious? Call and make an appointment with one of their staff members. Did you know that they also can provide physical examsfor study abroad, employment and volunteer opportunities? These are just a few of their services.  A complete list can be found here.

Led by Dr. Beth Cholette, the Counseling Center strive to "provide confidential psychological services to all currently enrolled SUNY Geneseo students" with members of their professional staff.  After an initial meeting they work to determine what services a student might need and how they can help them receive those services.  Counseling Services also provides consultation, crisis intervention, outreach services, and occasional group therapy programs.  All of their services are at no additional charge to registered students as they are covered by the Health Fee that all registered students pay as part of your tuition. A list of all the services offered can be found here.

More information about the Health and Couseling Center can be found at their website, or by calling (585) 245-5736 for Health Services or (585) 245-5716 for Counseling Services.

Looking to get Involved? Consider Knightlink!

Submitted by Lauren Dougherty, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Campus Activities

One of the best ways to become a part of the SUNY Geneseo community is to get involved!  We want you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities outside of the classroom.

So we encourage you to join in the fun on campus through KnightLink, our new online hub for student involvement! Connect with student organizations, find out about upcoming events, connect to social media, and so much more. Getting involved on campus is an important piece of college life and KnightLink is a great way to find clubs/organizations that match your interests.

Go to (Log-in with your Geneseo username and password at the top) and let us connect you to the fun and help you get involved!

KnightLink can help you:

1) Find recognized student organizations....or better yet let us recommend them to you:

To get clubs recommended to you:

*Log-in and go to 'my involvement' on the top of the page, click on interests.

* Here you can select topics that interest you, i.e. leadership, social, outdoors, etc.

*After you select your interests you can rank them in the order of importance to you

*Now on the homepage under your profile picture you will have recommended clubs

*Click view more to see everything that matches your interest! It's that easy!

2) Find out about upcoming events quickly and easily. You can look at the event flyerboard or go to the events tab to search by keyword or view a calendar of events.

3) Connect to the Social Media outlets of Clubs/Organizations so you are always in the loop.

4) Join the organizations you are interested in, view their personalized pages, and find out about their events throughout the semester.


Oh and don't forget to add a profile picture. This way when you join an organization they will be able to know who you are and help you connect better with their organization's community.


These are just a few things KnightLink has to offer, but I encourage you to explore the site, join the fun, and get connected!, don't miss out!


KnightLink is funded by mandatory student activities fees and supported by College Union & Activities

Thinking about the Future (of your academics)...the syllabi week Myth

Submitted by Silvia Roma, SeniorSubmitted by Silvia Roma, SeniorSo I bet you're thinking that you'll walk into class and the first week you'll have nothing to do, right? Wrong. That's what I thought too walking into my first week of classes. I thought it would be a breeze and that I would have nothing to do. Last semester I walked out of my first week of classes with a linguistics assignment, half of a book to read, a speech to write, and a Public Relations research project. And that was just the first week. More often than not, professors will use that first week of classes to figure out where the class is as a whole and what they need to emphasize throughout the semester.

It may seem like there isn't much work to do because you think you have so much "free" time to do your work, but the more you put it off, the less time you have to do it. You don't want to find yourself on a Sunday night with 300 pages of reading left and a paper due the next morning. If there's one thing I learned about "syllabus week" is that it's important to take the week to try and get ahead, because with the excitement of college and extra-curriculars it can be easy to fall behind.



Student Organizations you should know about before coming to campus

Click on the links to get more information about the following student organizations!


SA logo


 Student Association (SA)


IRC logo

Inter-Residence Council (IRC)


AC logo


Activities Commission (AC)



AAC logo


Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)



ACE logo


Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE)


SAve the Date: Student organization Expo.

Did you know that there are 203 organizations on campus that you can join? During the first month of school, the Student Organization Expo will take place on September 12 from 2:00-4:00pm, where many of the student organizations will set up a table and you can walk around and talk to members of the organization.  What were you passionate about  in high school?  During the expo perhaps you will find a club that helps you continue to live out those passions here at Geneseo!

Did you Know...

There is an office on campus specifically dedicated to service and volunteerism?  Led by Kay Fly as a part of the Center for Community, the office of Student Volunteerism and Service Learning, connects students with volunteer opportunities.  There mission if to "provide opportunities for student learning and development through leadership and community service programming to promote service learning throughout the campus, to foster relationships between SUNY Geneseo and the broader community and to increa awareness of out society's needs." Stop by and visit Kay in MacVittie College Union 353A or visit this website to get more information.

Knights First Day of Service

There's still time to sign up for Knights First Day of Service.  We have over one hundred first-year students signed up for the event. Join them by signing up today at

Students spend a Saturday morning in September at locations around Livingston County, helping people out in need--it could be painting a barn, cleaning up a trail in Letchworth State Park, serving a senior citizen, or organizing books at the library. 

Don't have a car? DOn't Worry.

The LATS bus will get you there! The Geneseo Bus Service (lovingly known by students as the LATS bus)  is a service that is contracted by SUNY Geneseo and supported by your student transportation fee.  The service is operated by LATS (Livingston Area Transportation Services), which is a regional public transit subsidiary of RGRTA (Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority).  It is free to ride with student ID.  Check out this link for more information about how to use the LATS bus and any other questions you may have about transportation on campus!

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